Sun enters Scorpio

Its Scorpio season! As the Sun moves into the sign today we can expect the energy to intensify over the coming weeks. Scorpio is a water sign with two rulers — Mars and Pluto (said to be the higher octave of Mars) suggestive of the immense drive and psychologically transformative force associated with the sign.

Astrologically, Scorpio represents all the things people don’t really like to talk about. Matters of death, sex, transcendence, money, power, control, surrender to name a few. Ultimately it all comes down to the darker aspects of the human psyche that we are too afraid to confront, but only through transcending them can the soul purify itself to reemerge in pristine form.

Its opposite sign Taurus gives us a glimpse into the nature of Scorpio. In Taurus we experience the physical reality, the abundance of life and the sensual pleasures of this world. Scorpio rules death, here we transcend the mortal world and sensuality gives way to a raw primal sexual force that leads to orgasmic states of bliss — giving us a taste of immortality and the divine.

Being a water sign, we are likely to be “feeling” rather intensely now. As the Moon wanes in the sky nearing the Scorpio New Moon next week we are reaching a profound release.

Astrologically the sky is as potent as ever, Saturn and Uranus are now in a tight opposition, Mars is due to aspect Pluto this week, Chiron stations direct. Its almost too much to even comprehend. The changes seem to be coming hard and fast, did I mention its Scorpio season? We are shedding skin, only this time the changes are likely going to be way more profound than we can imagine.

Take a deep breath, we’re going in.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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