Venus conjuncts Psyche in Sagittarius

Today Venus conjuncts Psyche in Sagittarius suggesting there may be an emergence of a lingering sense of woundedness, we feel we can’t escape from. With the economic crisis looming large this is no doubt a prevailing emotion with a feeling of never being able to recover the recent turmoil. Emotionally, sexually and creatively as well the aspect today could provide us the release and healing we seek.  But the presence of the asteroid Psyche suggests, this is a good time to look at what it is that has us feeling that things will never change.

Remember Psyche as the name suggests is a psychological sense of wounding, not based in reality but rather buried in unconscious perception. Creatively the only way to fill a void is to start creating, even if it is one sentence, one line drawn, one scribble on a page — it could be all the breakthrough needed. The conjunction in Sagittarius suggests, there is a need for honesty in all our emotional relationships especially with ourselves in light of what we have recently learned.

We’ve already been through a trial by fire as Venus passed through Scorpio, forcing us to purge darker emotions of our being in favor of truth. One would wonder what we have to gain by holding on to “wounds” that aren’t even there. But hardly ever are these scars visible. We put up walls before we can even get hurt, its self defense of a wound so deep that even our mind refuses to go there because we think its irreparable. But we may just have conjured up a monster that doesn’t exist and the only way to be free of it is to be brave, turn the lights on and open your eyes to truth. Trust, is the absence of doubt. Just as darkness disappears even with the flame of a single candle, we can choose to trust, not another but in the divine wisdom of our own heart and who it choses to  give itself to.

It’s funny how a day can feel like eternity but the year can pass by like a whisper on the wind, I can’t believe its the end of October already. But I’m learning more and more each day that time really doesn’t exist — and this is not some neat concept. If you think about it, really think about it (and this can sure mess with the mind, but isnt that where the trouble begins?) we can say nothing exists past this very breath we breathe.

Now is all we’ve got and what is life if we can’t live it passionately in every moment. Tomorrow Mars semisquares Pluto (approaching their conjunction at the end of the year,) the scorpionic intensity is on the rise and something is bound to shift. But as the Scorpio Sun reminds us — the only thing certain is change and this too shall pass. The time to live and love is indeed now.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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