Moon conjuncts the North Node and ingresses Aquarius…

It’s about 4 PM Eastern ‘time’ as I write this on Monday, Aug. 31, 2009. The Moon is now passing through the last few degrees of Capricorn and will shortly conjunct the North Node in the last degree before it ingresses Aquarius at 10:42 PM EDT tonight, overnight in the UK and early tomorrow in Australia.

As she conjuncts the North Node there are likely to be signs coming through of destiny at work. Look at what you are trying to build in your life. As it passes through Aquarius it will make an opposition to Vesta and Venus in Leo. Also it opposes the degree of the recent New Moon in Leo. This brought us to an awareness for the need of dissolution of ego if the heart must carry on.

Just be observant rather than trying to judge what ‘is.’ As the Moon enters Aquarius, we are becoming aware of our own spirit that longs to express its passion freely without fear of judgment. But any opposition or any external situation only brings us to the awareness of a polarity trying to reconcile itself internally.

In order to be able express, release and reflect our emotional, creative and sexual fire spontaneously there needs to first be self-acceptance and acknowledgment of those desires. If we can’t love ourselves, how can another love us? Venus is in Leo now, this is the sign of creativity and Venus is the planet of creativity.

Over the weekend I learned (and re-membered) the First Sacred Law of the Universe according to Shamanic tradition. “All is born of the woman, seeded by the masculine.” But as the teacher reminded us of the deeper truth behind this is that I don’t approach someone or something with my “seed” of intention, idea, thought, until the “womb” is ready for it and they have space for it to take birth.

Venus in Leo is this creative fire and seed and the Moon in Aquarius is showing us this womb where all can be birthed if there is ‘space’ for it. We each play the role of the masculine and feminine energy. Whether we are working on creative expression of this energy or sexual, heartfelt expression is there a receptive space for something to take life?

Also before we go on to create something new, there also needs to be a recognition of all that is exists and which we have already created as part of our reality. There can be no denial, over the next couple of days as the Moon passes through Aquarius making contact with the triple conjunction. Later in the week we are heading towards the Pisces Full Moon, which will conjunct Uranus releasing truth.

There are no aspects between major planets over the next couple of days until Sep. 3, a day before the Full Moon when Mercury squares Mars shortly before its retrograde station on Sep. 6, 2009. Tomorrow though, Quaoar stations direct in Sagittarius close to the Great Attractor. Quaoar was a Tongva creation deity that drummed life into existence.

In close conjunction to the Great Attractor remember the forces of polarity that inherently exist in the Universe and within ourselves. In this awareness we can be conscious of what it is we are bringing to life.

On a personal note, the workshop over the weekend was absolutely enlightening to say the least. More happened in these past two days than my mind is able to comprehend. And although I learned a lot about Mayan Astrology and resonated with it, it was more alchemical than that.

To be honest, I really didn’t know what to expect but was purely excited and receptive to learn something new. Also given my curiosity about Shamanism I was excited to meet the Shaman teacher who was to be teaching us that day. They say not to speak about the ceremony until seven days after, just to be receptive to what comes through. I didn’t understand why then, but I do now through experience. So will wait until the time is tight to share, but needless to say what happened over the past weekend was nothing short of magic.

On Friday night I camped out in the backyard for the first time in my life. It poured and howled rain all night. But I have never slept more blissfully. It was something else to be out there in the open with the rain falling on a sheet only 2 feet above me. It was the closest experience of actually “feeling” nature, life, God and existence, breathe, wash and watch over me as I slept.

There was a point during the workshop when we were reading our Sigils according to Mayan Astrology. Turns out I am a “Yellow Spectral Warrior.” But when I discovered ‘my’ Sigil represented ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ I nearly fell off my chair. Given that I’ve been listening to the song and album over the past few days and even posted it to the website hours before the workshop began.

There were many such revelations and mysterious ‘coincidences’ that so obviously proved to me yet again nothing in life is a coincidence. But this is the magic that surrounds us everyday, if only we were to open our eyes to see.

I will be back in a couple of days with more aspects and astrology leading us to the Full Moon on Friday…

Yours truly,

Priya Kale, NYC


Happy Birthday Van! Here’s to you… Remind’s Me Of You…


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