Weekend Astrology: Moon enters Capricorn and reaches First Quarter Phase

Weekly Horoscopes for Week of Sep. 26, 2009 have been updated to the site!


It’s been quite the ride these past couple of days I tell you. Projection and misunderstandings galore, including information that I was not expecting. But I am always grateful for the truth and I sure dodged a stray bullet this time.

Now as the Moon enters Capricorn, it will conjunct Pluto and reach its First Quarter. This maybe a sobering moment if one has traveled too far, bringing us back from any flight of fancy. It’s time to get real and figure out what is important.

Especially within our relationships Pluto is asking to surrender old rules in favor of what works for both people involved. If no two people are alike, how can any two relationships be alike? Yet we go on imprinting our perceptions on others.

The Moon will stay in Capricorn through the weekend. In this sign the tendency is to compartmentalize ones emotions rather than feel them through. Watch for that and work on consciously surrendering the unconscious or subconscious ideals imprinted by society and authority figures and rules that don’t work anymore.

During Mercury’s retrograde, deep truths tend to surface especially around the time of its direct and retrograde stations. Expect more information to come through over the next few days. With its aspects to Uranus, this can be shocking depending on how unaware we’ve been. But the message here has been to wake up and move on with that which is important. Saturn won’t allow mental garbage to linger and Uranus energy can feel like being awoken from a dream or a fantasy.

— Priya Kale, NYC


The photograph above is from my bike ride through the park yesterday. I found a pathway leading to the lake, where I sat on the rocks watching the world go by as the ripples made psychedelic patterns in the sunlight… Trippy!


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