Saturn conjuncts Pallas in Virgo, Chiron in Aquarius squares Sedna in Taurus

It’s Wednesday evening as I write this – the Moon has moved into Sagittarius now after a deep dive in Scorpio. Earlier today Mercury opposed Uranus and the Sun in Libra squared Pluto in Capricorn.

It may seem there are impossible issues to wrestle with surrounding the logistics of things. There may be a feeling like we of banging our head against a brick wall.

Funnily Nadine who I am currently living with, is a translator (Mercury) and is working on a contract for a Brick company (Saturn) that’s needed her energy. Astrology can be very literal at times and God sure has a wicked sense of humor.

Saturn conjuncts Pallas today — suggesting we can rise above the mind towards the higher intellect. Work towards finding solutions rather than feel defensive and get into impossible battles. Saturn’s presence can feel heavy and restrictive. But I like to think of it as a “Go Slow – Construction Ahead” sign, we are building something that will stand the test of time. The oppositions to Uranus seem to be testing our faith in the face of unpredictability. But this is a time for ingenuity, adaptability and commitment.

The conversations and negotiations we are having now, serve a greater purpose whether we realize it or not. Don’t be in hurry for perfection. Focus instead on healing, cleaning up and organizing what you can as best as you can with the information you have and let time unfold the rest. Once Mercury stations direct again we will pass this way again, with greater awareness of what is taking form.

On Friday, Chiron in Aquarius squares Sedna in Taurus. This aspect may not be the easiest one to deal with. Sedna’s energy asks to “keep one’s heart open even in hell,” to keep faith even in the face of extreme pain. Squares are a sign for an inner resolution and Chiron is pointing to a collective wounding. We may wonder now if we will ever be accepted for simply being ourselves.

Pain only comes from awareness of our wounds which we otherwise deny. Be grateful for the pain for it is a reminder to go inward for healing. It may be difficult to break through the fear of judgment, but the lesson here is one of self-acceptance; knowing the strength and resilience of the spirit to carry on. Luckily the Moon is in Sagittarius until late Friday on the East Coast of the US giving us a chance to gain important perspective even if the going gets tough.

On another note — I FINALLY managed to download my photographs. The leaves are turning red now, but I’ll post more photographs of my summer here in Canada in the coming days… The sunset in the picture above is one I had seen in a dream I had when I was 16. In the background you can see the Blue Mountains of Collingwood.

Also the picture to the right was sent by Don in Queensland [not Sydney!] (long time reader of this blog,) with the strange weather conditions in Australia currently, which I have to admit I was unaware of until then (so thanks Don…) But that’s the Sun, and it’s blue! Just thought it would be interesting to have pictures of the same Sun from Northern skies and from Down Under.

More soon…



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