Moon enters Leo…

It’s early Wednesday morning here in NYC — the Moon is now in the last degrees of Cancer. It will enter Leo and conjunct the South Node at 11:49 AM EST as it ingresses Leo and conjuncts the South Node. Also, Venus-Mars square Nessus today and you can read the interpretation for that in the blog below this one.

With the Moon conjunct the South Node as we begin this new Moon cycle is suggesting a time for clearing out the past so we can move forward with a clean slate. As the Moon passes through the sign over the next couple of days expect things to get a bit dramatic as it squares Mars and Venus in Taurus, so watch out for those lovers quarrels and resolve your own insecurities before you go out there with all guns blazing.

Financially it is about being brave enough to take that risk and trust in ones own ability to create and manifest abundance. This can be passionate, creative, sexual energy which if we allow it can free us to enjoy life’s pleasures in the now.

I’ve always been a dreamer and often have been accused of being happy-go-lucky. I;ve also been studying astrology all my life, its always been a passion. But over the past few years, since I’ve been working with clients and writing I have to say astrology has revealed itself in a whole new way.

I find instead of us trying to “predict” the outcome of any aspects there is greater control in simple awareness. Astrology rarely manifests the way we “think” it will. Even when I write horoscopes — I can write something looking purely at the aspects, not knowing why. I sometimes think I know how things will turn out, but when the time comes it’s never quite what I thought but exactly what the astrology ‘foretold.’

‘It’s written in the stars’ they say, but as I like to say we are the stars and we create our experience of life by living it in the now recognizing the infinite potential it holds…

On Jun. 26 and Jun. 29, 2009 you can read my daily horoscopes on Yasmin Boland’s site and on Yahoo! Australia so remember to check them out! I will of course post them on here as well…

More soon…

— Priya Kale, NYC


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