Venus and Mars square Nessus…

Dear Friends and Readers,

We are still deep in the womb of this Cancer New Moon; the Sun and Moon made an opposition to Pluto which has brought us to a deeply personal transformational point. Emotionally this is has been intense, but the energy is only freeing us from fears that prevent us from experiencing true depth.

Over today and tomorrow, the Venus-Mars conjunction squares Nessus in Aquarius. All relationships are being affected by this energy — financial as well as personal ones. Nessus is an asteroid that deals with themes of abuse, often passed down through generations. Like Chiron it brings us to an awareness of wounds so there can be healing, but Nessus’ wounds are often buried deeper in the unconscious which makes the patterns harder to identify.

In a poignant article on Nessus, Eric Francis observes “Nessus works much like a super-Chiron focused specifically on the dynamics of abuse. In all cases this abuse is psychological and in most it is not properly identified as what it is; rather, we experience it as “the way things are” and, more to the point, as the way WE are. But we are how we are because of the way we were treated when we were growing up.”

Melanie Reinhart whose research on Centaurs is nothing less than revolutionary and authoritarian, suggests the key word for Nessus is the “the buck stops here.” Now as Venus and Mars square Nessus in Aquarius there are deep set patterns coming to the surface for re-evaluation. Look at what patterns you are trying to break free of within your personal relationships as well as financial or sexual partnerships. We may have accepted things as the “way they are” but now there is a deeper awakening to the wounds that we may not have even recognized we had. Or there has been some awareness of them, but now there may be the feeling of not being able to take it anymore.

We allow people to treat us the way we are used to being treated, even if it is poorly and with neglect. There may have been a tendency to just “accept” certain scenarios because we don’t know how to be any different. But when the pain of reality becomes too much to bear there can finally be an awakening to the patterns of abuse we have unconsciously carried and repeated in our lives.

If what we want is change, know it can only come from inside out. Squares are resolution aspects, where we turn a corner internally and become the force for the change we seek. There is no sense in projecting one’s wounds onto current situations when the roots lie buried way deeper in the past. We can break out of our own patterns once we recognize them and decide how we will or will not be treated anymore.

This can be a deeply psychologically healing aspect but change and healing can come only when we are willing to look closer within, at our own power to say “the buck stops here” and to make choices based in this awareness. Are you able to express yourself freely without fear of rejection? How do you hold back or unable to receive the love and financial support because you don’t know things can be another way? How does our parents relationship become the uncoscious model for all our adult relationships?

Mars and Venus in Taurus are asking us to dig deep to find ones own true values about love, money, creativity and sexuality. Only then can we attract and create healthier relationships based on what is real, rather than a wound of the past…

— Priya Kale, NYC


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