Cancer New Moon…

Welcome to the Cancer New Moon, exact at 2:34 PM EST at 1+ degree of the sign.

This is an emotional New Moon no doubt, but one that promises deep soul cleansing and transformation if we are willing to dive deep.

I’ve just finished writing the New Moon report which details the energy on offer to us at the time of this powerful lunation. You can download the report at this link if you are a subscriber to the Monthly Service or as a one time purchase of $2.99. Here is an excerpt —

“Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac, it represents ones sense of emotional and financial security. It is also representative of the ‘mother,’ the cosmic womb — what makes us feel safe, loved, nurtured and comforted in this world. It relates to our sense of belonging and the emotional ties we share with the others in our life. One’s upbringing and childhood has a deep imprint on our ability to feel safe in the world as adults – depending on the care and comfort we received as children. It is the sign that represents deep compassion, which can be a truly healing force in this world.

“With the New Moon in opposition to Pluto this intensely personally transformational energy. There may be huge insecurities rising to surface, bringing us to a confrontation of our fears and the rules and structures that threaten to limit our ability to have our needs met. In Cancer the Moon is in her home sign but this is watery energy; like the ocean — our surface emotional reactions and responses are like waves cresting and crashing on the shore.

“Reach deeper below surface fears and insecurities and move forward with an inner wisdom and knowing of what you truly want to birth in your world. Watch how the rules of society and what is acceptable plays a part in you being able to express your needs. Success — but at what cost? The unrest in Iran right now speaks clearly of the current astrology – how do women find the power to get their voice heard in the face of an oppressive government?” — Priya Kale, Cancer New Moon report, Jun. 22, 2009.
Click here to read the full report.

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