Venus conjuncts Mars in Taurus, as we head towards the Cancer New Moon…

Happy Solstice everyone!

The Sun has entered Cancer marking the Solstice, taking us to the change of seasons as we come half-way through the year. We are now in the dark of the Moon, Venus and Mars passed their conjunction (8:10 AM EST, Jun. 21, 2009) and will make a trine to Saturn over the next 24 hours as we head towards the Cancer New Moon which occurs opposite Pluto in Capricorn.

This is likely to be an emotional moment asking for a deep surrender to get to the bottom of our feelings to uncover truth. This is extremely fertile energy, ripe for making changes, but we need to be aware what we are basing our choices on — fear or hope.

Venus, Mars and Saturn suggest the climate is earthy and stable and can sustain that which we birth out of love, joy and passion — and to remember that which we treasure may require a bit of hard work, but this is about building something that stands the test of time.

— Priya Kale, NYC


Here is this Week’s Horoscope for Cancer….



An intense situation seems to be calling for a deeper surrender than you feel capable of, but this is a confrontation of your demons to get to the bottom of who you really are today. Be very honest about the darker forces of control that threaten to poison your relationships with ultimately superficial values that belong to society — not you.  In all your conversations with partners, remember your integrity and friendship is more valuable than than all the riches in the world simply by its unshakable presence. Trust that which is real rather than that which you fear. One very real conversation about your hopes for the future with a partner may be all you need to ground and soothe any bubbling insecurities. If you are willing to dive deep within yourself may just come up with something more invaluable than the rarest pearl — the real you.

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