Moon in Taurus, Juno conjuncts Uranus, Venus and Mars conjunct Asbolus

It is a rainy Thursday afternoon as I write this and the Moon is now in Taurus grounding us as we head towards the Cancer New Moon on Monday, Jun. 22, 2009 the day after the Solstice.

Solstice and equinoxes are astronomical events connected with the change of seasons here on earth. Astrologically as well, this is suggestive of the powerful shifts in energy taking place within and around us, giving us the power for creating conscious changes in our lives.

This years Solstice is especially potent given the other aspects occurring at this time, with a Venus-Mars conjunction in Taurus exactly trine Saturn; followed by a Cancer New Moon the day after (in opposition to Pluto.)

This is more than likely to bring a confrontation of deep fears to the surface. But remember in Cancer the message is for us to go to the bottom of surface emotions and dive deeper for the pearls. Venus-Mars are stabilizing this energy as they trine Saturn in Virgo asking us to look for the deeper value of what it is that grounds us and give selflessly to something that we feel passionately about.

This is an extremely fertile climate seeding the energy of the next six months, so don’t underestimate the power of the changes you are making in your life. The Moon passes through Taurus over the next couple of days and enters Gemini on Saturday. As we enter the dark of the Moon the intensity is likely to rise — but this is only an emptying of the soul so it can evolve refreshed, so use the energy of the Taurus Moon through tomorrow to ground yourself in something that touches your heart and brings warmth.

Also on Friday, Juno conjuncts Uranus in Pisces under a Taurus Moon, as Venus and Mars make a triple conjunction with Asbolus. This is very sensual energy and we could experience a potentially, divine ethereal connection within our relationships. But where we have been projecting a fantasizing this could be an awakening to reality.

The triple conjunction in Taurus suggests a relationship may have been through many trials and tribulations and there may be a feeling of having ‘survived’ inspite of it all. But what is real, the love, is always indestructible. As Juno conjuncts Uranus remember this is about dissolving our own boundaries of attachment to connect on a soul level — which is always eternal.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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the clear solid undeniable truth is the real love and a but in every way this iThere may a feeling of having ‘survived’

— Priya Kale, NYC

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