Moon in Aquarius conjunct the North Node; Aquarius stellium…

We are now in the dark of the Moon as we head towards the Pisces New Moon Tuesday evening in the US and Wednesday in other parts of the world. The balsamic phase of the Moon is always the most potent phase of the Moon and a time for release. These are likely to be an electric couple of days that I suggest you go through in complete awareness.

As the Moon passes through the Aquarius stellium (North Node and Mercury at 09+ degrees, Jupiter 11+ degrees, Juno 13+ degrees, Mars 13+ degrees, Chiron, Neptune) after the recent eclipse in the sign, she will trigger all planets and events seeding the energy, which is why it is so important to release the negativity in effort towards emotional and spiritual cleansing; so we can carry into the next phase the filtered essence of the chaos. These days have a deep message for our individual and collective future; the Pisces New Moon suggests this is a time for deep reflection.

With the Moon passing through Aquarius, issues regarding our individuality and acceptance of it are coming to the forefront. How much do we define our identity based on the opinions of the world, taking them on unconsciously as our own? It may feel like the only way to assert one’s individuality then is to seek freedom; but I feel freedom comes from inner recognition of the spirit — hence the term ‘free spirit.’

Freedom and fearlessness go hand in hand; in fact any fear is almost always an opportunity to transcend beyond to that place of fearlessness, freedom and inner peace. Remember what we seek is “freedom to..” rather than freedom “freedom from…” It is a choice one makes in each moment to live true to ones inner awareness. Freedom of being always comes from within, from living in fearlessness and complete acceptance of the repercussions of our choices; thus the need to act in awareness.

Commitment is no different from freedom; it comes from the choices we make in each moment to show our commitment to someone or something. It’s often when we find ourselves committed to someone or something that we begin to feel the need to have it reciprocated. then we end up forcing ourselves or another to commit to something or someone because we feel we should. Or that it will give us the “security” we need. But sadly these days even a marriage can end with two squiggly lines on a dotted line, or bottom line called divorce.

Commitment like love is an action – not a thought or a word. We choose definition too often, and then we fall into the trap of gross misunderstandings arising, because two people’s idea’s of commitment are poles apart. Ruining an otherwise beautiful thing because one wants to capture it in a jar and keep it on a shelf as a prized possession.

Aquarius is also the sign that represents “friends” which is why it is easier to be honest with a friend even if the truth is a bit painful — because you know this is love at a higher vibration. Only a friend can break the ego sensitively enough to set us free from pain.

Also, there is a mutual, understanding and connection that goes beyond time and space. Which is why we can meet friends after years and pick up where we left off. Or live far away from each other but know the other people loves you no matter what, even if you haven’t heard from them in a while. There is an understanding that they are “ok” and working on “being.” We connect with each others essential ‘being’; it is true the best lovers and relationships are between those couples that have a friendship that transcends above and beyond purely physical appearance, romance and primal sexual desire — into something comfortable, honest yet ethereal.

Between the travel and internet and life I realize I haven’t been able to be online as much. But I’ve allowed myself to flow with the moment, knowing that this is much needed time with family and friends needed to recharge my soul and I know you will understand. I am back online for now [making my way through my writing and email] and lets hope it stays that way. I’ll be back with the Weekly Horoscopes on Monday and the Pisces New Moon report soon after.

This week I am planning to fly to Goa for a few days, but my travel plans always happen last minute so we’ll see what happens. Here is a picture of me with my friends from college, taken a couple of days ago at the Hard Rock Cafe in Mumbai. Just like old times…

Also yesterday, Feb. 21 was the one year anniversary of this website — I remember sitting up all night with my friend Geets who did it with me. It was also the night of a Full Moon and Solar Eclipse and I was on the phone with Niles on the other side of the world as the Sun rose on my side of the planet. It was truly one of life’s magical moment’s for me and I can’t believe its been a year already. So if I haven’t said it before I’ll say it now — I am grateful for all of you who I have connected with through these pages and welcomed me into your hearts.

With love,

Priya Kale, Mumbai


Fat Tuesday/Pisces New Moon…

Greetings, Beauty’Full sentient freaks who are fans of and fed by the logos of Priya Kale. My name is Niles Comer (Scorpio/Leo Rising/Libra Moon – in short, a friggin’ hand full). I am currently trying work out tech difficulties with Priya in India and myself in rural SW Virginia. But we are going to be sharing words, thoughts, and stories – she from astrology, me from the streets and as a friend of mine once, preach the word, but touch the streets first. Stay tuned, dear ones, to a theater near you for together we all will comfort the disturb & disturb the comfortable.

Peace, Shalom, Salaam, Shanti.


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