Moon in Aquarius, Jupiter sextiles Galactic Center

Wow… It’s been quite a few crazy making days. Mercury completed its aspects to the triple conjunction over the past few days. Where we’ve been inwardly reflective instead of projecting mistrust there can be greater clarity and understanding now. There’s also been a need to steer clear of fears and over exaggeration with the square to Jupiter.

Today as Jupiter sextiles the Galactic Center, there is great wisdom on offer to us. This is profound, insightful and creative energy that could help us see the silver lining beyond the darkest clouds. As I write this (1:11 AM EST June 11, Thursday) the Moon is in late Capricorn, soon to enter Aquarius and conjunct the North Node suggesting there’s an air of destiny about so pay attention. It will square Venus and Mars through the day bringing us to a turning point in creative, relationship and financial matters.

Try and find the balance between being emotionally detached and wanting something badly. Venus and Mars in Taurus are heating up desire as well as pushing us to unearth potential, but remember this is about our deepest values not simply about material gain or wanting to possess someone or something.

If we can keep a healthy level of detachment the energy we can find the crucial balance we seek — to be able to nurture something and yet give it space to grow.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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