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Welcome to Friday and the weekend…

Yesterday the Moon squared Venus and Mars in Taurus, which may have brought a few lovers tiffs to the forefront. There may have been a sense of just wanting to break free of an overbearing situation or a feeling of being smothered and needing emotional distance. But if we were able to manage a healthy level of detachment we’ve reached a crucial turning point.

If you fear you’ve lost something precious, Venus and Mars in Taurus are a reminder that that which is real will never leave. What we see as ‘bad’ or painful may indeed be what is necessary for healing. As the Moon passes through Aquarius it will make conjunctions to Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron bringing a deep cleansing of wounds. Once the Moon enters Pisces on Saturday it is likely to bring calmer energy that can soothe raw emotions if we allow it.

Late Saturday in NYC and Sunday in UK and Australia mercury leaves Taurus to enter Gemini reaching the end of it’s echo phase. These are the last two days of Mercury in Taurus so use the energy to ground important commitments. Soon after mercury enters Gemini we will be entering new territory for the first time in weeks.

It may have seemed like we’ve been going over the same issues in circles —  but if we’ve been reflective rather than projective this has helped in keeping a reality check. Now as Mercury enters Gemini — communication is likely to start picking up speed compared to the (infuriatingly for some) slow Mercury in Taurus that likes to ruminate.

Relationships are in the forefront now, as are financial and creative situations. This is the effect of Mars and Venus in Taurus — energy that is solid, grounding and earthy asking us to dig deeper for our values rather than focus on superficial gain. Also with Juno in Pisces now approaching in a tight conjunction to Uranus next week, expect there to be a few surprising turn of events in relationships.

Where we’ve been over idealizing a situation or fantasizing or in denial we may be in for a not so pleasant awakening. But in Pisces, this could very well be a divine transcendental connection that awakens us to new depths of the soul.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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