Moon in Aquarius

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I don’t know anyone whose life is not changing rapidly. We are at the brink of a transformation so profound that we will look back on this as a time when everything shifted.

As Uranus edges closer towards Aries, there’s revolution afoot taking us into a brand new chapter. How this will manifest in the world has yet to be seen, but we reaching a point of critical mass.

With the current crisis with the oil spill, we are going to see bigger developments regarding this come the eclipses in June and July. The first Full Moon Eclipse occurs on June 26, 2010; the Sun will be in Cancer (the sign of the Ocean) and the Moon in Capricorn (representing government and corporation) conjunct Pluto (representing the darker side of power and the deadly effect of this oil spill.)

Currently with the Sun in Taurus and Mercury retrograde in Taurus, use the energy to ground yourself in what is important. Even if things seem to be shifting we are heading towards the Taurus New Moon next week, shortly after Mercury stations direct. Consider this a time to find inner strength and self-esteem. If you are rooted in your center then no storm can uproot you.

Today, the Moon is still in Aquarius and enters Pisces tomorrow after its conjunction to Neptune. Also tomorrow Venus in Gemini sextiles Mars in Leo suggesting a rather pleasant weekend if we can allow ourselves the pleasure.

Honest communication can clear the way forward within relationships and financial situations. Be light-hearted, courageous, playful and inspired. Given all the uncertainty, take time to enjoy the pleasures of the moment you could be pleasantly surprised.

— Priya Kale


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