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You are moving into new territory for the first time in 6 months. The recent past has asked you to be brutally honest with yourself about what is truly important to you at your core. Take a moment to pause and look back at how far you’ve come. This alone should fill you with strength and courage for the road ahead. Emotionally as well as financially you are growing in worth. What is it that you want to nurture into being? It would be a shame to let those creative ideas go to waste. Be bold as you chase your hearts desire. Drench it with your imagination and dreams. By next month you’ll be ready to surprise even yourself.

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Here comes your month, although you might not be so sure of this yet. There’s plenty that has sapped your strength in the recent past and you may still have a few layers of doubt to push through. But you are starting over in at least one area of your life. That’s recognizing who you are and what matters to you most in the world. You may still feel like you are vacillating between two realities or ideas about your self. There’s a person you used to be and then the reality of who you are today. In truth there is not much of a difference. You are returning to the core of your existence; only you need time to integrate these realities within yourself. Dig deep to find your self-esteem. You are on the brink of awakening to your purpose for existence.

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You’ve been on unusually long journey underground. The pace of things may be frustratingly slow in your world but trust that there has been a very good reason for your current journey even if all the facts aren’t quite out in the open yet. You are gaining a wealth of insight that you may not yet be fully aware of the potential of. But trust your instincts this month, they hold a lot more weight than you imagine. Even some of your so-called recent missteps are due to prove to be rather valuable, as you will soon see. When it comes to your emotional attachments, you may still be undecided about but you are soon to see – loving someone can actually feel like freedom. Even materially you are moving towards a place of greater stability that you’ve been dreaming of. By next month you’ll be ready to show the world just what it is you’re made of.

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An important partnership takes a step in the right direction but you may not be completely convinced yet. It’s ok for you to acknowledge your doubts, just don’t project them yet. The clouds will clear soon enough and you will know exactly where you stand. For now what I can see but you can’t is you are on solid ground. Move forward now with renewed confidence towards something you’ve long desired. You are coming into your own and will have the opportunity to make your mark on the world in a way that is likely to surprise even you. As you go through this month, remember the old adage, “Humility precedes true greatness.” It will serve you well as you are called on to serve your gifts to the larger world.

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Something inside of you is ready to move forward now as a result of the journey of the recent months. At times you may have felt like a revved up engine with nowhere to go, but pack your bags. You make huge strides towards success this month and by next month your horizons are opening up in ways unimaginable. Move ahead with confidence in your abilities and integrity as you claim your throne. But you know the makings of a true king or leader is his ability to be humble and fair to all his subjects. Avoid projecting doubts and encourage transparency and conversation. A few honest conversations may be all it takes. Even if you feel like you’ve tried something before, the ground is a lot more fertile now for something to take root. Allow your dedication to your mission to overcome your doubts as you ground yourself in what is important.

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You’re moving forward again after weeks of retracing your steps to find a higher truth. You may still have deep doubts about the future of a partnership or situation surrounding your daily life. There are many people that depend on you and your life may not at times seem like your own. But understand that you are acting in the best interests of everyone involved. Trust your highest perspective and judgment without “making” any judgments. Your ability to be wise and fair despite your doubts will serve you well in the role you are being called to play. By the end of the month you will know exactly where you stand. For now work your way forward again one step at a time sowing the seeds for an abundant future.
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The recent past has had you questioning the fundamental bonds in your life. You have learned important truths and now events are calling you towards a deeper surrender than you though possible. You may still have your doubts about this. The balance between freedom and commitment is not an easy one, but this goes both ways. Push through your doubts and encourage an honest dialogue where necessary to find common ground within your partnerships. Keep a sense of perspective and trust your own heart, as you invest in what is solid. By next month, you are entering a significant phase in your relationships but don’t think this is anything you’ve experienced before. For now, anchor yourself in what is real and let transparency override any fears you’ve already worked through.

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You’ve been through a rigorous testing of the landscape within an important relationship. You may still have your doubts, but this is a natural anytime you go deeper within a commitment. Especially when it concerns you putting down roots for what you know will bear seed. Ask yourself where you feel comfortable loved and safe. More than a physical space this is about the relationships you share and the ones you know you want to nurture. Ground yourself in the love and friendship that is available to you. You are about to experience a whole new way of life. This need not make you nervous. Open your heart, be honest with yourself above all, and you won’t regret it.
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This time next month you’re going to be ready for a great big adventure into the unknown. So take the time now to ground yourself in all that is familiar. Partners have no doubt tested your patience over the past few weeks, but your ability to stay grounded in what is real will serve you well. Be your most altruistic self in awareness of the abundance that naturally exists. Rather than project your doubts, encourage an honest dialogue where necessary especially when it concerns your financial and personal relationships. It will soothe your mind to see you actually have the support you need. Just allow a process the time it needs to unfold naturally without pushing. You are sowing the seeds for a rich harvest, so consider any effort you make at this time an investment.

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You are planting the seeds for something close to your heart. You may wonder if this is more of a commitment than you feel ready for. But in truth you are moving closer to your own natural center and organic nature. You’ve come a long way in recognizing what is important to you, so. Keep your eyes on the horizon as you nurture what is important to you. Honesty and truth will be the greatest gift you can give your relationships. So let love be what guides your choices this month. You can have the creative and sensual pleasures you seek daily. You don’t have to choose, just be honest with yourself with your desires to begin with.

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Hopefully you are ready for a bold new adventure because you’re about to get one. Take a good look at your life and ground yourself in what is important. You don’t have to fear that all of this will blow away. But it’s definitely time for you to let go of the fantasies that no longer serve you. Focus on what is real and true in your soul and at the core of your being. You are growing now in strength and confidence and entering new territory for the first time. And you have more support within your relationships and those closest to you. You are due to grow in material as well as emotional security and comfort. Perhaps then it’s time you opened your mind to greater pursuits in awareness of your own eternal depth that you have discovered.

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After much contemplation you are ready to move forward within an arrangement or agreement. You may still have your doubts but you can see things are moving in the right direction so be patient with the process. What is unfolding now is solid but needs a little more time to develop. Just be transparent in all your negotiations and be willing to rewrite the rules. You’ve been through something before but the third time may just be the charm. Whoever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too was obviously not looking at your chart.

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