Sun in Taurus squares Mars in Leo | Moon enters Aquarius

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The energy has just been weird lately, for lack of a better word. For starters Mercury is retrograde in Taurus and my laptop is does not sound right at all. Which means I have to find the time to get my computer serviced.

Also today, I received a phone call [or voicemail rather] and within a span of minutes — I was over the moon, crashing back to earth. A part of me died inside I feel and I would mourn its loss. But the emptiness seems to have taken over so much that it makes me wonder if it even existed.

Then my Dad called, saying my Grandmother was taken to the hospital. She is fine for now, but needs to have tests done before they can say anymore. It just put everything in perspective, bringing me back to what was important; and more importantly — real.

With Uranus dangling at the edge of Pisces we’re being asked to break-free of our fantasies and wake up to the truth. As we enter May, we are in the run up to the major alignments and shifts starting June as Jupiter and Uranus enter Aries.

I say “run up,” although with the Sun in Taurus and Mercury retrograde in the sign – slow and steady is definitely the way to go. It would be best not to make final decisions yet; at the same time it’s no use keeping up pretenses.

We are unearthing precious information and there is more coming to the surface by the time of the New Moon on May 13th when Mercury will be direct. Consider this a time of doing the groundwork. Taurus is about what is real and one’s values. Dig deep to find yours.

Mars will also move into new territory for the first time since December later this month on May 17th. This has been quite the journey of reclaiming one’s power, confidence and truth.

We reach a significant turning point early this [Tuesday] morning in the US at 9:09 AM  [mid-day in UK] the Taurus Sun squares Mars in Leo; and trines the North Node. Destiny is well within reach but how this plays out will totally depend on one’s level of consciousness and self-awareness.

Something or someone may test your patience. Luckily, at this time the Moon in Capricorn trines Saturn in Virgo, grounding this situation with sensibility and integrity. Rather than compartmentalize feelings too much, find a healthy outlet or healthy boundaries. The Moon enters Aquarius at 4:51 PM giving us a breather as the day progresses.

Go deeper to find the source of any anger or frustration rather than project these onto a situation. Acknowledge any fears of failure, rejection or being vulnerable. This is deeply, passionate, creative, sensual, sexual energy. At best there can be an inner recognition of one’s own self-worth, confidence and desires.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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