Moon in Capricorn and Venus in Wonderland…

Hope you’ve made it through the past couple of days on the brighter side of the illusion and managed to steer clear of drama and delusion.

Venus stations direct tomorrow in Pisces and ingresses Aries on Apr. 27, 2009 after the Sun ingresses Taurus on Apr. 19, 2009 followed by the New Moon on Apr. 24, 2009. Venus currently at a near standstill in Pisces, stations direct on Apr. 17, 2009. She is now sinking deep in cosmic waters in the last degree of Pisces, as she comes to the end of her rare retrograde phases. This is a time when we can gain deep insight and clarity on financial, creative and of course of our hearts.

I’ve written an article on how this transit is affecting us which I should have up a little later today on the blog, so please check back in. When the astrology is as potent as it is now and will be through this year, it really helps to be a witness to your life. Once you start witnessing and being aware of your life, it’s astonishing how astrology and energies reveal themselves putting you in control of your experiences.

With Venus retrograde in my 12th house for the past month, I’ve been battling a severe case of agoraphobia and the weather hasn’t helped. But with Venus back in Pisces and the Mars-Uranus conjunction yesterday, my energy was ‘open’ and it was one of those days when astrology and the Universe reveals itself to me. To cut a long story short (and I typed it out but truly it’s a long story if I got into every small miracle along the way) I ended up on surprise [Uranus] date [conjunction] with my favorite guy [Mars] Dave Matthews (and of course the rest of the Band, Mars, Uranus and about a sea [Pisces] other people in tow at Madison Square Garden.

I was to meet my friends there but it ended up that I was al-one. It has taken me two days to even try and write this blog for the experience was so transcendental that I still find myself lost in the Unsayable. They played all my favorite songs, but then again that music touches me deep. There was a point when they played #41 when i just completely melted away everything in the room disappeared or became one into the music…it was pure energy, very surreal and my body tingled electric… truly heaven….

After the show I  thought my friend left so just as I jumped on the subway I saw a text saying he had his car and would have dropped me. and then i ended up spending over an HOUR in the subway waiting for trains. i was so tired hungry and sleepy and didn’t even have a $1 cash to buy a pack of chips. Yet another beautiful reminder of life’s balance with great highs and great lows. Luckily I was in the Zen zone – so it was an experience nothing more.

But enough of my rambling, I’ll be back in a couple of hours with the Venus article — Venus in Wonderland is what I’m calling this transit…

— Priya Kale, NYC


Hey my love do you believe that we might last a thousand years
Or more if not for this,
Our flesh and blood
It ties you and me right up
Tie me down

Celebrate we will
Because life is short but sweet for certain
We’re climbing two by two
To be sure these days continue
These things we cannot change


— Dave Matthews Band, Two Step

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