A Beautiful Storm…

There is a girl in New York City,
Who calls herself the human trampoline,
And sometimes when I’m falling flying
Or tumbling in turmoil I say
Whoa so this is what she means,
She means we’re bouncing into Graceland,
And I see losing love
Is like a window in your heart,
Everybody sees you’re blown apart,
Everybody feels the wind blow

— Paul Simon, Graceland


There’s a beautiful storm approaching, that promises much in the way of change and healing – if we can foster a certain amount of courage, trust and surrender.

Mars approaches his conjunction to Uranus in Pisces at around 10 AM GMT tomorrow on Apr. 15, 2009. All bets are off and whether you find yourself shocked out of the water or drenched in ecstasy entirely depends on your level of awareness, ability to be spontaneous, and go with the flow rather than resist the current or resent the changes. Uranus is the awakener and in Pisces the sign of cosmic consciousness it seems to awakening us to a soul truth.

There are other powerful healing aspects as the Sun sextiles Chiron today and Neptune tomorrow suggesting it should be easier to soothe the worried nerves if we just remember to breathe and relax a little if caught unaware. There can be the opportunity for real healing in any relationships where things have been stressful. If we make the effort to reach out there can be a great sense of acceptance and belonging, helping smooth over tensions or any sense of alienation. This is an aspect that can help give us a glimpse into how our lives fit in with the bigger picture and the little things you do everyday can go a long way in spreading a healing and hope in every life you touch.

Most importantly the aspects are asking for a self-acceptance. Understand each of us are absolutely irreplaceable in this Universe and here for a specific purpose. Life and indeed your life is a gift, find a way to sink into your awareness and being — for that is all that is ever needed of us, to be ourselves.

Of course Mars’ conjunction to Uranus in Pisces is stirring up an emotional storm. There could be a jolt out of the blue, awakening you to your deeper feelings about someone or something. It can be scary to dissolve boundaries that the ego has spent a life time building to keep away pain. Intimacy is not for the faint hearted.

There is force driving us to break through our deepest emotional walls to reach for something ethereal and transcendental. Venus and Mars conjunct in a few days with a promise of a the union of the cosmic lovers suggesting there is more love and healing on the other side if we can surrender to the experience. This could also spell a stroke of pure fertile, creative genius if we can take an intuitive risk and channel it.

Pisces energy as soulful as it can be, this could stir up a great deal of fear with a feeling of being tossed out on a stormy sea and wanting to just escape the intensity. Avoid giving in to conjuring fearful scenarios based on past perceptions of painful experiences that cause panic. This could resort to taking solace in substance abuse and addictive patterns we would do well to steer clear of (bartenders are likely to have a few hairy stories for you.) On the other hand this could be the perfect aspect to break free of toxic habits and patterns.

The best way to deal with a  situation that catches you unaware would be to first take a deep breath and count to 10. We are being asked to go beyond our comfort zone and there could be a sudden urge to pursue a wild fantasy — just let go of attachment to any particular outcome. Good and bad are judgments of the dual mind, this is Pisces energy taking us into the realm of Universal, cosmic eternal suchness.

Trust the changes taking place within and around you are bringing you closer to experiencing something refreshingly, hopeful and magical, if you are open to trusting in the presence of a benevolent Universe. Spiritually as well this is a rather powerful aspect, thinning the veil for easier access to higher states of consciousness. Don’t underestimate the power of this energy to awaken you to a greater sublime truth.

At best we could be swirling in the wild divine,  even if it’s taken a bit of madness to get there.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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