Moon in Leo; Venus trines Jupiter; Mars trines Pluto

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Hello there. As you may have noticed, the pace of life is quickening. This is what happens in the proximity of eclipses. Events take a on a larger-than-life feeling as destiny begins to reveal itself.

As I write this, the Moon is in Leo, just past a conjunction to Venus. Meanwhile, Venus and Mars both make solid trines to outer planets, releasing a burst of raw, powerful energy. Venus in Leo trines Jupiter (and Uranus) in Aries, and Mars in Virgo makes a solid, earthy trine to Pluto in Capricorn.

We can make real, positive progress with these aspects if we can keep our eyes on the prize. The Venus-Jupiter aspect could have us feeling dramatically optimistic or wildly nervous about the road ahead. With the Sun in Gemini, it could be a bit of both. It’s OK to feel vulnerable; the aspect is calling on us to find the brightest hopeful visions in our hearts.

With Mars in Virgo in a solid trine to Pluto, there can be real progress made. Work toward healing something as you evolve from the past. We could get busy and probably get a lot accomplished today. Mars-Pluto aspects can bring on a tone of seriousness and heavy determination, but it doesn’t have to be all business. The Venus-Jupiter aspect is a reminder to have fun along the way.

Here is what I wrote in the Gemini New Moon report about these aspects: “With Venus trining Jupiter and Uranus, expect to be feeling wildly creative, passionate and optimistic. Be spontaneous and open to exploring new avenues for fun. . . Romantically something could feel like a crazy wild risk. But the earthy trine between Mars and Pluto offers solidity and strength to keep our feet on the ground, to do what needs to be done. Dare to follow your heart and the feeling in your bones.”

— Priya Kale, NYC

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