Venus ingresses Leo and trines Uranus in Aries

Welcome to a new week – and this one is sure to set off a few fireworks. Today Venus enters Leo and trines Uranus in Aries.

Expect unexpected opportunities to crop up surrounding relationship and financial situations. This energy could be unnerving as much as it is exciting and full of passion and adventure. There is a sense of being presented with the unknown.

With Venus in Leo over the next few weeks, be spontaneous, true to your heart and its desires. Something may feel like a bit of a risk. When it comes to love, money and art, dare to be original and explore the unexplored avenues. And now is a time when a smile and a little charm could take you far.

We are also still under the energy of a very powerful Gemini New Moon. Also this week, Venus trines Jupiter in Aries, Mars in Virgo makes a solid trine to Pluto, and the Sun squares Saturn and trines Neptune at the end of the week.

Given that this is the Sun’s last week in Gemini as it approaches a square to Saturn, it may feel like we are wrestling with a difficult choice. Avoid being too judgmental this week of both yourself and others; there is no ‘wrong’ choice.

Aspects developing suggest we are reaching a turning point, with a difficult situation bringing long desired freedom. Be determined, optimistic and brave as you move forward. Choices need to be made in faith, not fear.

We are also in the lead-in to the Eclipses, with the first Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn less than two weeks away completing the powerful Grand Cross alignment in the sky.

A Grand Cross is an alignment in which the planets form the shape of a cross in the sky with two sets of oppositions at 90º angles. Given that this one takes place with planets in Cardinal signs, the change that’s coming is due to be rapid, moving us along into the next stage of our lives and toward our destiny.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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— Priya


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