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Gemini New Moon report

An Excerpt ==

“Welcome to the Gemini New Moon at 21+ Gemini, exact at 7:14 AM EDT on Saturday, June 12, 2010.

“Among the other aspects developing at this time, the New Moon will be in a close approaching square to Saturn in Virgo and trine to Neptune in Aquarius.

“We are also in the lead-up to the Eclipses, which bring on fated events aligning us with our greater destiny. With the first Eclipse occurring two weeks from now, we can be certain the situations unfolding have an important message for our future.

“With the New Moon in a square to Saturn in Virgo and a trine to Neptune in Aquarius, be strong and don’t lose your sense of idealism as you move through the coming weeks. On June 19, 2010, pressure we may be feeling now should begin to ease as the Sun squares Saturn and trines Neptune.

“This is bringing us to a final turning point of the lessons of Saturn in Virgo over the past two years. By next month, Saturn ingresses Libra, setting us on a new two-year phase, and will not return again to Virgo for another 30 years.

“Saturn’s lessons can at the time feel like a heavy cross to bear, but its rewards are just as solid and undeniable. Current aspects suggest we are turning a corner towards freedom from a difficult situation.

“There may be a sense of having to pay a price for making the wrong choice. Squares point to a need for internal resolution, so be honest with yourself and find your integrity. Avoid judgment of yourself or others; that which we mete out comes back to us in the same measure.

“With the Sun’s trine to Neptune, use your sense of idealism to gain perspective and see beyond any dark clouds. Think win-win and it shall be so.” — Priya Kale, Gemini New Moon report, June 12, 2010

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