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Hello All from a snowy, New York City,

With the Moon in growing full in Leo as we head towards the Virgo Full Moon on Sunday, there’s magic in the air waiting to burst forth.

Tomorrow as Mercury makes plenty of important aspects to planets suggesting revealing conversations bringing important truth and information to light. As long as we can keep ego’s in check and speak honestly there can be real progress. What we learn maybe bitter-sweet, but as long as there is no denial and we can keep awareness it has every potential to liberate. This can be very creative energy as well and there could be a genius idea floating if we can clear space for the muse.

Look back to the Aquarius New Moon on Feb. 13, 2010, the New Moon was conjunct Neptune and Chiron. Now as Mercury conjuncts these planets, we can give form to an idea that was taking seed then. Or in the case of relationships and negotiations, there can be more clarity now to something that was nebulous to begin with.

I will be back over the next day with the Weekly Horoscopes and the Virgo Full Moon report. This Full Moon occurs at 11:48 AM EST on Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010. So the Moon will appear the fullest on Saturday night in most parts of the world; and on Sunday in Australia.

With the Sun in Pisces approaching Jupiter, keep the faith. There’s something huge in the works (as long as you know you are not being delusional) waiting to shower us with untold grace.

Have a safe and magical Full Moon and weekend. Stay warm,

With Love,

Priya Kale, NYC


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