Virgo Full Moon | Nobody is Imperfect…

In light of the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Pisces opposite Virgo Full Moon, here’s a quote. It’s a big emotional Moon, stay safe, soulful, wise…


Nobody is Imperfect

“Nobody is imperfect; hence nobody needs to be perfect. All that is needed is to live your life totally. Perfection is already there. We come from the perfect; hence we can’t be imperfect. We are born out of the ultimate, we are waves in the ocean of god. So whatsoever is the quality of god is the quality of the waves.

If god is perfect, we are perfect. So the very idea of becoming perfect is absurd. There is no need to become perfect, everyone is already perfect. But we are not living that perfection in its totality, we are living at the minimum. We are not using our potential, we are using only a minor part of it – scientists say not more than seven percent. Ninety-three percent potential is simply lost. And it was already there, available to for us to use. When you live a hundred percent you are really using the great opportunity that god has given you. And only at a hundred percent the transformation takes happens, never before it.

So my effort here is to make you love life as intensely as possible, to live each moment as wholly as possible, and slowly slowly something starts unfolding in you, and you start discovering yourself. The more challenges you give yourself, the more you discover.”


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