Mystery, Magic and Manifestation… | Moon enters Scorpio and trines Uranus in Pisces

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Dear Friends,

It’s a little before midnight on Monday in NYC as I write this Blog and the Moon in Libra is trine Neptune in Aquarius. What’s happening in the sky right now is truly divinely beautiful in a way that words fail me when I try to express it.

We’re in a Full Moon week like no other. Expect the Full Moon fireworks to be a nothing short of grand, with unexpected revelations that blow our minds and blast open new horizons. But first as the Moon enters Scorpio in a couple of hours  [2:16 AM EDT on Tuesday May 25, 2010] make a conscious effort to urge, confront and evolve from your demons and fears.

With the Moon in Scorpio over the next couple of days as the Moon grows full, expect to be feeling all too deeply. The intensity is sure to rise surrounding intimate and financial situations and commitments. But the darkest hour is before the dawn. And there couldn’t be a more apt way to describe the way this energy seems to be turning.

Perhaps the most magical aspect comes as the Scorpio Moon trines Uranus in Pisces, with both planets in the last degrees of the signs and changing signs shortly after leading to the Full Moon.

There is no turning back from here, but surrender to a wild hope. The future is most definitely not the past, and in truth this is a liberating thing. Only in letting go of a painful past can we allow something new, magical and healing to flood in. This energy is working in mysterious ways. At best this could be a sacred evolution, allowing one to unfurl into the realization of one’s true power…evolutions which often come only in the face of the Unknown.

The aspect also suggests that things could turn on a dime or at the last minute.  And know this Truth: there is more going on behind [and “Above”] the scenes than we think, so follow your heart and your deepest intuition. Surrender attachment to what was, or preconceptions of what might be. This is something you’ve never seen before. It may all even feel a little dangerous and risky, but there’s always a passion and madness in genius. Above all trust and follow your deepest intuition, this could be serendipity at its best.

Shortly after this mystical, magical watery trine both planets change signs into fire signs leading to the Sagittarius Full Moon, bringing resurrection like few of us [unless you are over 84] have seen in our lifetimes.

I’ll be back with the Moon report and an in-depth look at the Uranus in Aries transit, so please check back in. Also now would be a perfect time to check in with your natal chart and current transits affecting your life.

For now as the Moon passes through Scorpio and the mystery deepens, have faith that all is just as it should be. A little patience will go a long way and we can trust, all will be revealed by the light of this Full Moon. And how…

With Love,

Priya Kale, NYC

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