Saggitarius Full Moon

Sagittarius Full Moon report

An Excerpt ==

“There is much coming to light that we may not feel necessarily prepared for. But truth is we are never given more than we can handle. Be willing to break through the shell of what you consider yourself capable of.

“The Sagittarius Full Moon is a reminder to take the high road and maintain an emotional perspective of the events unfolding over the coming days and weeks. Be wise in your choices and allow yourself to be moved to action rather than feel compelled to act.

“As long as we choose in awareness of our highest spiritual truth there can be no wrong choice. When in doubt, only the wisest will admit, “I don’t know.” In this humble wisdom, the Universe or God reveals her divine secrets. We are One with God whether we “believe” it or not.

Keep faith, be honest with yourself, follow your greatest hope and be willing to be surprised.” — Priya Kale, Sagittarius Full Moon. Read/purchase full report at this link.


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