Weekend Astrology: Moon enters Capricorn; Mercury moves out shadow, sesquiquadrates Saturn, trines North Node; Saturn stations direct in Virgo

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Hello and welcome to the weekend,

Uranus has now entered Aries and the next seven years of this transit mark an era of self-discovery like no other.

We are still under the energy of a powerful Full Moon currently the Moon is still in full but waning in Sagittarius. It enters Capricorn at 2:43 PM EDT and will square Uranus newly ingressed into Aries and make a conjunction to Pluto shortly before midnight at 11:48 PM.

Expect to continue to feel the intensity of the Full Moon till at least the conjunction to Pluto. As the Moon squares Uranus and conjuncts Pluto, this is bringing the first intimate experience of Uranus in Aries. Real changes will have to be made in the light of what has recently surfaced.

With the Moon representing the deepest part of our emotional make-up and psyche, as she connects with the planets in the sky especially the outer planets, the energy is felt in a more personal way.

A lot is changing, and this requires us to be extremely honest about our needs and the need for cooperation. As the Moon conjuncts Pluto, there will be a need to let go of the past, of conditioning based on superficial values, to get to the core of one’s integrity. We may also get a hint of what’s to come at the time of the Eclipse a month from now on June 26, 2010.

We can do things differently from the way they’ve always been done, without compromising our integrity and in fact being more true to ourselves. It will require courage but it can be done.

Also on Saturday, Mercury moves out of shadow phase moving us into new territory for the first time in 6 weeks. Soon after Mercury moves out of shadow phase, it sesquiquadrates Saturn; on Sunday it trines the North Node on Sunday, as Saturn stations direct in Virgo.

Communications and negotiations may have been slow. But the aspects over the weekend suggest an honest conversation or there could suddenly be a deeper understanding of a situation, which shifts something that has become a roadblock. The trine to the North Node clearly suggests there is news on the way putting us on the road to destiny.

This is Saturn’s final passage through Virgo for at least the next 28-30 years.  As it moves forward, this is our graduation from the lessons learned over the past 2 years. And lessons have surely been learned; if anything the Saturn-Uranus opposition has made sure of this.

Saturn enters Libra on July 21, 2010 and forms a final opposition to Uranus and Jupiter in Aries, with Pluto at the apex forming a T-square. This alignment is what astrologers everywhere have been talking about, but you don’t need to look up at the sky to feel the changes.

You just have to turn on the TV or even take a look around your life. Things are not what they used to be but ultimately this can only be a liberating thing if we are willing to not cling to the old, past and what is dying.

There is a new world order being established; in the larger world and within our relationships and commitments. What is required now is honesty, trust, mutual respect and co-operation.

For, as the Moon continues to sail through Capricorn over the weekend she also opposes Venus, reminding us of all that is truly precious. Take the time to nurture what money can’t buy. In that we can find true comfort, safety and security.

I’ll be back with the Horoscopes on Sunday. Here’s wishing you a lovely [holiday] weekend. This Memorial Day perhaps we can take the time to remember what t really means…

With Love,


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