“No one’s fated or doomed to love anyone…”: Cancer Moon heading to Leo Full Moon


No one’s fated or doomed to love anyone.
The accidents happen, we’re not heroines,
they happen in our lives like car crashes,
books that change us, neighborhoods
we move into and come to love.
Tristan and Isolde is scarcely the story,
women at least should know the difference
between love and death. No prison cup,
no penance. Merely a notion that the tape – recorder
should have caught some ghost of us: that tape – recorder
not merely played but should have listened to us,
and could instruct those after us:
this we were, this is how we tried to love,
and these are the forces we had ranged within us
within us and against us, against us and within us.

           — Adrienne Rich, 21 Love Poems



Dear Friends,

We are moving towards a passionate, dramatic Leo Full Moon. With the Moon now in Cancer moving towards a square to Uranus and opposition to Pluto, emotions are certainly rising like the tide.

There is a a sense of an emotional tug-of-war taking place, but we are ripe for an inner breakthrough. And over the next couple of days it would be best to go with the flow or it could be a bumpy ride.

Libra suggests relationships can provide an outlet for this intense emotional energy, but it will require consciousness and self-awareness to not project ones frustration or emotions on others. Try not to control your feelings, feel controlled by them or feel compelled to act on them. In simply allowing oneself to feel them, one can release them to discover a deeper reality.

Become conscious of your “fight or flight” responses. The more one is able to stay balanced and centered, the more liberating your experience is likely to be. Also look back to what began with the recent Capricorn New Moon cycle on Jan. 11, 2013. Seeds you were planting then could start to bloom if you are conscious to nurture what you are creating, rather than unconsciously sabotage or destroy it. Where there is self-awareness there can be harmony, love and peace.

I’ll be back with a short Blog on the Leo Full Moon in the next day or so. In the meanwhile As the Moon moves through Cancer, the more we can let go of emotional baggage, pain, resentments, we can free ourselves to feel and express love, individuality and passion by the time of the Full Moon…

With Love,



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