November 2009 Monthly Horoscopes




You’ve been walking the razors edge within a deeply personal intimate relationship or financial situation. Something may be dying, but this is only making space for something new to rebirth from the ashes. Look at the emotional cost of your dreams, your desires and pain. A partner may seem to have more control in this situation, but surrender trying to control the form something takes. Invest in that which supports the mutual dreams and highest good of all people involved. Your deepest commitments are evolving to bring you deeper intimacy and experience of benevolence; more than anything you might fear will be taken away from you. Let this be a crucial exercise in reshuffling boundaries and readdressing a crucial balance of power. Your passion is fertile. What feels a scary and dive into the unknown might just be the second chance to create the life you’ve secretly longed for.

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You can be a very private person when it comes to your relationships but you are being drawn to make contact with a greater mission. You may have your doubts, but recognize what you have to offer is a rare gift in this world and this is opening doors for you. But there is another story that has likely been keeping you up at night. This may be a deeply intimate relationship you share with someone that has reached the end of the road. But you know well relationships don’t end, they evolve. You start a new cycle this month within your deepest involvements that can take you to new fantastic heights. But first you will have to completely let go of any attachment you’ve had to a particular desire or outcome. The future is much more magical than anything we fear. Grace comes when you surrender to the infinite mystery. Dare to speak your truth, as you reach for your wildest fantasies and watch them unfurl.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation


You’ve been searching for the deeper meaning to your life. This is not something you often let on to people or those closest to you. But you are learning how important it is for you to be honest about your needs if you want any chance of having them met. Heartfelt, honest communication is the key. Let go of fears based on past failure and you can resurrect a long held dream. This will mean being willing to change your patterns and behavior. Old rules don’t apply anymore and your daily routine is changing rapidly too. No doubt this is the end of an old way of life, but can you truly go on the way you have been? Watch how you spend your time; be willing to take daily risks, consciously going a little further beyond your usual limits. Pour your energy into that which intrigues and challenges you to be innovative. There is little to fear and the rewards far outweigh any risks.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation


You are being invited to dive in deep, within a creative or romantic situation. This may feel risky but no matter what you fear, recognize you are the one in control of what you are creating. So look at the values and relationships you want to build your life on. Be absolutely honest with yourself about you true desires and motives. Avoid projecting any lack of trust, while maintaining transparency in communication within your deepest emotional and financial involvements. These are the building blocks of your life so nothing less than absolute truth will do. Acknowledge your desire and let go of painful attachments you have outgrown. It will mean surrendering the familiar for the unknown. But if you do, you can reach for the elusive tantalizing possibility just beyond the horizon.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation


You’ve been feeling the heat to make changes in your innermost life.  First I suggest you take the time in being extremely honest about demons that need purging. There are relationships you share that want to offer you the emotional and financial support you need. But often it is your own suspicions based on past [perhaps childhood] wounds, that prevents you from trusting. It may feel like a part of you is dying or all that was once familiar is disintegrating. You don’t have to fight to keep something alive. Have enough faith to let go of painful attachments that keep you stuck in the past. Be honest about your fears and desires, and be willing to step into the unknown to experience the new. There are doors opening all around you wanting to offer you the kind of intimacy and financial security you seek. Indeed opportunity may just come looking for you. Don’t be shy, or too suspicious. Trust your deepest instincts and you may be pleasantly surprised with what lands in your lap.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation


You are one of the signs most affected by the recent Saturn in Virgo transit. It has not been easy couple of years, but you are also the one that is due to come away with the greatest rewards. After wading through your doubts you are finally reaching a place where you feel safe and bold enough to speak your truth. Surrender the darker thoughts that have recently plagued your mind and be willing to say what others only dare think. You are moving through a phase of reclaiming your self-esteem. Any thing that feels like a battle, is likely your own resistance to a situation. You are learning how suspicions can cloud your judgment and ultimately prove fatal if not kept in check. Keep an open dialogue and encourage transparency in all conversations this month to avoid confusion. There’s a new wave of inspiration rolling into your world, waiting to welcome you home.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation


You’ve been living for a while with a heavy sense of imminent change. Now you reach a turning point asking you get straight with your boundaries and to own up to your desires. This is no time for self-doubt or projecting mistrust onto a situation. If you can see the ways the rules of the past have subtly dominated your life, you can take them down and rebuild new ones. Recognize your own worth within a relationship, rather than try to control the outcome of something. Be in no denial of your true feelings even the darker ones that want to possess or manipulate. You have more control in which way the tide turns than anything you fear. It may mean a radical dive into a new routine that helps you rediscover yourself. Be brave even if there may be times when you feel like you are in too deep. What you are discovering is your own eternal depth and ability to create the tangible and emotional abundance you crave and undoubtedly deserve.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation


With the Sun in your sign you are re-birthing. But before the phoenix can rise from the ashes, it burns itself in its own embers. There is a deep love growing in your being, that needs trust to grow. But more than trusting another this is about trusting your own heart. Now is the time for you to purge old demons and wounds dating as back as childhood that can be the source of your mistrust rather than anything in the present. You reach a moment of truth asking you to surrender the past, in favor of what is true for you today. Become conscious of your own hidden fears that keep you from experiencing greater intimacy, creative and sexual satisfaction you crave. You are peeling back the layers to find the essence of who you were the day you came into this world. If you can let go your need to control something and push through your own boundaries, this could be heart warming watershed moment in your life.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation


Recent events have taken you to new depths of surrender to the unknown. Rise above your doubts this month to consciously face your fears. You are not powerless within this situation. If there is fear involved in the loss of something, its probably not based in reality. You are reinventing and redefining yourself on the deepest most psychic subconscious level. As you get your tongue back this month; don’t waste time in self- doubt, trust your instincts when it is time to speak. Partners are finally more available and listening to what you have to say. Ask for the support you need even if you fear you will not get it. Help is due to arrive when you least expect it. Just keep your ears and doors open for opportunity and welcome it in when it arrives. The unseen works in mysterious ways and this is a test of your faith.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation


You make huge strides this month. With your ruler Saturn having entered your 10th house for the next two years, you are beginning a journey of reclaiming your place on top of the world. Any resistance you face to your success is likely internal. You are the authority of your life. No one can have power over you unless you let them. Look more closely at your own need to uphold superficial graces of society. If you are true to yourself above all there will be no need to play diplomat. Be bold and honest about your desires and highest most secret dreams and wishes. If you can maintain transparency in all your interactions there will be less room for feeling manipulated or dragged into something you don’t want to be a part of. Early in the month you get a glimpse into what grounds you deep in your heart. Stay rooted in this as you dare to reach for your dreams.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation


This has been a year of gaining deep self-awareness. This may have been a painful journey at times but its time to get over any lingering self-doubt. You begin a new cycle this month in reclaiming your power and authority in your world. But this need not mean dirty business so avoid getting caught up in power struggles. Owning your power need not mean wielding it over others.  You get a new start this month professionally asking you to dare to reach for your deepest aspirations. You are the captain of this ship and the only thing that can stop you now is your own misplaced fear of failure. You’ve come a long way in overcoming your self doubts. You don’t need to control anything. Just be honest about your own desires and step up gracefully to the opportunities being presented to you.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation


The pressure may not have lifted, but it has shifted. You are in the process of solidifying important connections but will mean learning the new rules of the game. Your world view is evolving now, but you may fear you are in way over your head. Keep a sense of discernment between your real concerns and paranoid projections of what can go wrong. You can let others have the stage to speak for now. You are discovering intriguing possibilities, drawing you deeper into a journey of exploring the unknown. Don’t worry about setting your sights too high. If there is anything to watch for it is your own sense of mistrust in your intuition. The woods are lovely, dark and deep but you have promises to keep, and miles to go before you sleep. Be bold as you pave the way to the future.

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation

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