One and One make One… Aries Full Moon, Oct. 4, 2009

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Dear Friends,

We are heading towards the Aries Full Moon, exact on Oct. 4, 2009 at 2:09 AM EDT, 6:09 AM UT and 4:09 PM AEST. Saturday night is when the Moon will appear fullest in most parts of the world.

At this time the Sun and Moon will be in opposition at 11+ degrees of the Libra – Aries axis. Mercury (now direct) in Virgo opposes Uranus in Pisces and sextiles Mars in Cancer, followed shortly by Mars’ trine to Uranus hours after the lunation.

With the Sun in Libra, the focus is on our relationships. Given the harmonius aspects between personal planets there are risks that could be worth taking, adding to the potency of the personal changes being ushered in.

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” This law of Karma and can be beautifully seen on the Aries-Libra axis. Mars is the planet of action, Libra is the sign of equality and the first sign that completes the set of opposites in the zodiac showing us that relationships are nothing but a mirror [opposite] of the self. Libra is also an air sign ruled by Venus, so we are likely to see themes of beauty expressed through intellectual pursuits, communication, poetry and art, peace, truth, justice and fairness in keeping with the scales.

Justice and equality comes with the awareness that there are always two sides to the story, just as for a relationship to be harmonious, both persons needs must be met in equality. But this cannot happen as long as we are still enacting childhood emotional traumas. In Aries the Full Moon is reflective of the inner child that is seeking to “assert” itself, its individuality and its independence from authority figures.

Libra represents relationships, but traditionally this is the sign of “marriage.” Anyone will have to admit the structure of the modern day ‘marriage’ or even relationship for that matter, is not working. If we go deeper into the symbolism of Libra and Aries we get a clue. Either they are co-dependent relationships, where there is the need to fill a void and if one leaves, immediately there are issues of abandonment and rage that arise — and the only way to “let go” is to hate the other person — which nothing but Mars and Aries passion the other extreme.

Or there are people who are ‘independent,’ but see relationships as a contract between two ‘separate’ entities. Something you get “in” to after weighing in the pros and cons. There is often a sense of airy indifference in the name of freedom; lacking in love and intimacy, but an upkeep for social grace. Although an air sign it is ruled by Venus, suggesting love is not something that can be decided by the intellectual mind, but is experienced in the heart. Until we recognize that a ‘marriage’ and all relationships are about interdependence we are bound to experience frustration that comes with the swinging scales. Relationships exist because people ‘are’.

No man is an island we are each unique, but intrinsically bound. When love arises with each breath like ‘one’ soul breathing in two bodies or ‘one’ heart beating in two bodies then we are manifesting the highest energy of Libra. Not having to fight to bring things back to level but knowing when to give and knowing when to pull back in. Understanding that the ‘other’s’ needs are as real as one’s own. When there is love, then even the natural swaying of the scales has its own rhythm that you can dance to. Once we have mastered this balance we can move into the deeper intimacy of the next sign on the wheel Scorpio.

At some point an individual has to seek a balance within their own self and heart first and reconcile this relationship with oneself. Then the relationships are not “contracts” between two independent people and there would be  no reason for war or to fight. But rather a recognition of the interdependence we all share within our relationships, be they financial or personal or simply as humans. Then peace and equality may not be such a distant dream. Mahatma Gandhi, who was a Libra lived by the ultimate principle of non-violence and exemplified its virtues by his being. So was John Lennon, who sang “Give peace a chance.”

By the end of the month after the New Moon in Libra [Oct. 18, 2009,] Saturn moves into the sign on Oct. 29, 2009 and squares Pluto, starting us on a longer two year journey of stabilizing relationships.  Saturn is exalted in Libra, steadying the scales helping us achieve that crucial balance. While Pluto is in Capricorn the sign ruled by Saturn suggesting old values need to be questioned and changed consciously.

This heralds important changes in structures that will affect all relationships business and personal. Specifically the rules surrounding relationships that have been imposed by society. Like I said to my friend Nadine yesterday, Pluto in Capricorn says — “fuck society” this is about creating the relationships and structures that support us and the evolution of both parties involved. We can be respectful and grounded yet not giving in to the “shoulds” and fear of “judgment.” But first that will mean letting go of old rules that are destructive rather than constructive.

With Saturn and Pluto both aspecting the Aries Point, we can expect these changes to be global not just personal. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of the Gay marriage issue in the news over this time, there are likely to be corporate mergers or we could even see the darker side of the institution of marriage. But aspects to Pluto always signify evolution and no matter what comes up, this will help usher in the changes of the next couple of years. If we are able to resolve this balance within ourselves of the kind of relationships we want to build vs. the kind of “relationship” that is pre-defined by society we could make great strides towards greater peace for all.

At the time of this Full Moon, with the personal planets in the mix there could be a bucket of emotional surprises with plenty of important conversations and revelations. Also the Moon and Mars are in mutual reception at this time. So emotions are heated and passions running higher than a “normal” [what is normal anyway?] Full Moon. But with Saturn trine the North Node at this time suggests, no matter what the surface excitement and upheaval, there is solidity to this energy giving it structure. Mercury [now direct] will oppose Uranus for the third time in this retrograde phase and will go on to conjunct Saturn at the end of the week. What ever is revealed now, should solidify by then. This would be a good time to sign the dotted line or commit to something that has been a rigorous test in finding nothing less than our highest integrity.

Mercury sextiles Mars in Cancer, while Mars trines Uranus in Pisces, there could be a few surprise declarations or revelations of love or experience of emotions that we weren’t expecting to feel. Like something that comes out of nowhere. This can be a tremendous flow of energy. Keep open to listening, hearing and emoting, there could be magical turnarounds in knotted up situations that have seemed impossible to untangle with Mercury retrograde. Now with our heads on the “right” way we can be receptive, expressive and responsive rather than analytical and reactive. With love as well as creativity, if we go with the flow of passion, it could awaken us to infinite grace.

The Full Moon in Aries seeks the ability to be able to emotionally connect, with the innocence and trust of a newborn child. In Libra the Sun is reminding us that as adults we need to consciously be aware of what we are creating or recreating in our lives. When we are aware of the inner child and its needs, we can express the energy to its highest state.

One and one make ‘One.’ Not, two ‘in’ one [relationship.] And if we communicate from the heart, there may be nothing left to be said.

With Peace and Love,

Priya Kale, Aries Full Moon, Oct. 4, 2009, Pentanguishene, Ontario.


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