Moon in Aquarius reaches First Quarter: Midnight Musings, God, Freedom, Perceiving Reality and Healing Scars…

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IV. Healing Scars

I tenderly stroke my scars…
the way a healer fingers
the worn bark of trees
when seeking God’s vision.
Fingering my scars like prayer beads in Braille,
I read their gospel:
the only way out is through…
the only way upward is downward.

Niles U. Comer


Dear Friends,

It’s past midnight, now Saturday in NYC. Meanwhile up there, the Moon is in Aquarius and moving toward its First Quarter Phase tomorrow, bringing us to a turning point as we head toward the Taurus Full Moon. Remain focused on healing the internal while avoiding projection and there is likely to be deep healing.

I’ve been watching a series on the wisdom of the Kabbalah lately. It makes sense to me as a Taurus, being that it is called the “science of reality.” I realize I talk a great deal about God, but perhaps I’ve never taken the time to explain my “religion” or “philosophy.” It’s because I don’t subscribe to any one particular one, nor do I “believe” in any. Existence is God to me. God is real and obvious. To me “religion” has more to do with geography than anything else. If God could create the whole world, couldn’t he be in five places at once?

Even Astrology will not give you “the truth.” It is one way, a path and a tool for self-awareness… And ONLY as useful as it serves not just selfish gain, but one’s greater and higher purpose as part of the “whole.”

Reading all the astrology sites in the world won’t do a damn thing unless you put it into practice. Just as much as no amount of sitting in a church or temple will matter if the rest of your life is filled with judgment for those who don’t subscribe to your faith or beliefs.

Only in practicing freedom, acceptance, and compassion for the self and others equally can we experience true liberation. We are all free to make any or all choices as long as we are willing to take responsibility for the consequences of our actions. Rather than acting in faith, staying rooted in intention, we fear consequences and make choices in that fear, creating our reality as such.

There are deep soul truths surfacing now that can offer the gift of awareness which, although painful at times, is always a gift. The road to freedom is paved with choices made in the freedom that comes from “being”…

As the Moon makes a conjunction to Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius, there is a real chance to free and heal from the wounds that keep us isolated from greater unbounded consciousness. Tune in to your soul. Heal the inside, and the effects are bound to ripple out into your Universe.

Here’s a link I thought I’d share…

Perceiving Reality

Enjoy your weekend!

With Love,




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