Moon in Pisces leading to Taurus Full Moon: Dreams and Reality

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It’s a big week in the Cosmos,

The energy is building to a crescendo as we head to the Taurus Full Moon on Sunday Nov. 21, 2010 at 12:27 PM EST. (It will appear fullest on Saturday night.)

On Nov. 18, 2010, a cluster of aspects intensifies the energy: Mercury sextiles Saturn, the Sun squares Neptune and Chiron, Mercury conjuncts the Great Attractor. Also, Jupiter and Venus station direct in Pisces and Libra, and the Sun trines Uranus in Pisces.

On Monday, the Scorpio Sun made a trine to a stationary Jupiter (technically retrograde) in Pisces, asking us to find inner faith while surrendering to the unknown.

As the Sun approaches its square to Neptune and Chiron, it may feel like wading through deep doubt. Keep awareness of your suspicions and wounds rather than projecting them.

As Jupiter and Venus station direct, this is due to bring a major release in the energy. Be aware of polarization, but don’t be afraid of truth. If we are steady in our communication, this can bring solid understanding that leads to almost miraculous developments where suddenly something is possible.

Keep awareness of a hopeful dream. We are heading toward a Full Moon in Taurus –- the sign of the earth, nature and all that relates with the physical, giving us a deep clue into the current energy.

Just as it takes time for fruit to ripen on a tree and we can’t rush the process of nature, so it is with our hopes and dreams. To manifest something in the physical world takes time, patience and commitment.

As the Pisces Moon conjuncts Jupiter and Uranus on Tuesday, there’s sure to be a few inexplicable emotions to deal with. Trust your intuition, go with the flow and dare to imagine the possibilities. The road to heaven can be heavenly indeed.

With Love,



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