Pisces Full Moon…

Weekly Horoscopes for Week beginning Sep. 5, 2009


Dear Subscribers, Readers and Friends,

Welcome to the Pisces Full Moon! Tomorrow at 11:02 AM EDT the Sun and Moon will oppose each other on the Virgo-Pisces axis. I’ve posted the moon report to the site which can be accessed and downloaded at this link. Also read the post below this one for an excerpt.

This Full Moon is likely to bring us an intuitive glimpse into the Saturn-Uranus opposition approaching mid-month. In Pisces this is likely to be an emotional revelation that comes through so be gentle on yourself.

It does not mean to say there is anything to fear, just that we are more sensitive to the energies around us at this time. At best it could be a musical, ethereal, transcendental night spent dissolving in the divine grace that surrounds us in this cosmic ocean of life.

With love and moonlight,

Priya in Penetanguishene, Canada


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