Mercury in Libra squares Mars in Cancer, heading to Pisces Full Moon…

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I’ve just finished writing the Pisces Full Moon report of about 1500 words and will be uploading it to the site shortly. Meanwhile, right now Mercury is forming a square to Mars in Cancer in the sky. Here is an excerpt from the report with details on this aspect.

I’ll be back with more soon and hopefully pictures from my days here. I was by the lake again yesterday and saw the most heavenly sunset over the lake as the Moon rose high in the sky across from it… and I’m looking forward to a magical Full Moon… Here’s wishing you the same!

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Pisces Full Moon, Sep. 4, 2009

An Excerpt ==

“A day before the Full Moon, Mercury squares Mars in Cancer, followed by its retrograde station on Sep. 6, 2009. Pay close attention what happens over the next few days and around the tie of the retrograde station. We are likely to have a few revelations with truth surfacing rapidly. The square between Mars and Mercury suggests we could turn a corner with important communications. Try and resolve simmering resentment by communicating feelings rather than bottling them up and spewing them out. When dealing with anger [yours or anothers,] it is generally a mask for deeper hurt or pain that needs to be released.

“We are likely to revisit these issues so we can have them ironed out. But the quicker we learn our lessons the quicker our evolution to the greater rewards that lie in store. At best we could turn a corner towards deeper connections that come from each person feeling like they have safe space to express their feelings and be heard. With Mercury soon to station retrograde in Libra shortly after the lunation, there are likely to be a few important revelations. But go beyond the veil of the monkey-mind inward to seek a deeper truth.

“I wrote about this in the 2009 horoscopes (seems like only yesterday) this year Mercury’s retrograde phases have been in air and earth signs, with the winged God bringing messages between heaven and earth – as above so below. There are likely creative ideas and plans floating in the air that need to be given earthly form. There is a way forward if we can dig deeper to see the beauty and brilliance in something. Nothing is impossible if we want to try to make it happen with sincerity and fairness. Within our relationships Mercury is highlighting the importance of our agreements being based in fairness, truth and with a balance of both people feeling heard. Libra is the sign of relationships and this is about balanced communication.”

— Priya Kale, Pisces Full Moon, Sep. 4, 2009.

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