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Dear Friends,

We’re hours away from the Pisces Full Moon exact at 5:26 AM EDT, with Venus and Mars forming a sextile also in earth and water signs. This is an extremely fertile climate. Don’t underestimate the power of your dreams, nor your power to make them real. With clarity, planning, effort, dedication and creativity you can manifest a vision.

Also this is a big week, Pluto stations direct on Sept. 16, 2011 and Venus triggers the T-square as she opposes Uranus and squares Pluto. Things are evolving profoundly and if we can let go of trying to control a situation that is changing or we feel out of control in we can expect a few breakthroughs. Expect the unexpected in financial matters and relationships, which is asking us to open up to new levels of trust. But this is potentially very creative energy, so be inspired and keep an open heart.

You can read more about the above aspects in this month’s Cosmic Weather sent out to Subscribers. Below is an excerpt from the report describing the aspects and energy at the time of this Pisces Full Moon. (You can read previous reports at this link.)


Also on an important note: Apologies for being AWOL these past two weeks. I’ll be back with the September Monthly Horoscopes [which I am aware are way past overdue] as well as more details about what’s been going on behind the scenes.

In the meanwhile, I’ve been focusing more on Personal Astrology Consultations (phone or Skype) where I feel I do my best work, giving you the personal one on one attention you need. Please email me at priya@cosmicdiaries.com to schedule an appointment. And you can subscribe to your Weekly Horoscopes and your Monthly Astrology reports [delivered to your email] at this link.

With Love and Wishes for a magical Full Moon,

Priya Kale, NYC


If you’re reading this, live in Vermont and know of available housing for rent or feel like you may be able to help in some way, please email me at priya@cosmicdiaries.com. With deep gratitude in advance… — pk.


An Excerpt from Cosmic Weather: September 2011 ==

“On September 12 the Full Moon culminates at 19+ Pisces with the Sun at 19+ Virgo. Also Mercury in Virgo and trines Pluto at this time bringing a solid, penetrative understanding of a thus far nebulous situation. We can have constructive conversations now that go a long way in bringing the change and clarity we seek. Significantly, this lunation will also be square the Nodes bringing us to a major turning point in our personal destiny.”

“Full Moon’s always bring situation to light and in Pisces there could be deep subconscious stuff coming to the surface. So watch that you are consciously using the energy to bring you closer to your hearts desires and souls dreams. Be careful of disillusionment, projecting fearful fantasies or getting so swept away in critical energy and seeking perfection that you fail to see the magic in something.”

“Venus squares the Galactic center at the time of the Full Moon and there may be deep realizations coming through about Venusian ruled areas of finances, values, love and relationships. But Venus is in Virgo reminding us not to over rationalize or analyze something [especially when it comes to love & relationships] that can only be felt, understood and known viscerally in your heart, soul and gut.” — Priya Kale, Cosmic Weather for September 2011




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