SEPTEMBER 2011 MONTHLY Horoscopes by Priya Kale



Love is in the air, but so is the struggle to find a balance between freedom and commitment. Professionally, as well as within a personal relationship long anticipated changes are due this month. You are nearing the end of a long journey of understanding what a person means to you, and what you need to feel secure in your commitments. Mid-month brings an unexpected development, asking you to push through personal boundaries, trust and take a leap of faith. Avoid a fight or flight response and you could be pleasantly surprised with what you learn. A partner is going through their own inner balancing process and you can negotiate arrangements rather than trying to assert authority or force change or getting embroiled in a tug of war. Whether its professional, personal or financial success you yearn, let go of old ambitions to make space for something that can truly fill you with deep lasting joy. This will call for deep trust but this your journey of rediscovering your self and your passion. Something may seem risky, but take a chance your heart. Don’t let the past weigh so heavily on you that it overshadows your hopes for the future. By the end of the month you will truly have put it behind you allowing you to solidify key arrangements and begin a new chapter on a more equal footing.

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This month brings you the opportunity to create the change you have so long desired but almost given up hope on. With the Sun and your ruler passing through your 5th house through the first half of the month, and a Full Moon in your 11th, a romantic relationship, your creativity or a matter close to your heart may be the cause of much of your anxiety. But love and creativity shouldn’t be a source of worry nor is it ever perfect — they are just the offshoots of the blooming of your heart. ‘Let go’ long enough to all allow yourself to feel what you are feeling, rather than rationalize. An unexpected development may catch you off guard but is really pushing you to do what you need to do to create the the balance you’ve been seeking in your life. Indeed this might be the answer to your prayers, offering you a chance to break free from an oppressive situation, restore balance and make peace with it. But more than anything external, this is pushing you past subconscious fears that prevent you from living your best life. Yes, life may never be the same again, but by the end of this month you will never want to look back. In an important relationship remind yourself what you are working towards is a greater sense of harmony, trust and co-operation. This means being honest about your needs fears and secret desires. You can trust there is a higher plan in motion, and the changes taking place are taking you to a place of greater comfort, peace, joy and happiness daily.

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Go beyond your owYou’ve been boldly confronting a part of your past to find what makes you feel safe enough to express your deepest desires and your inner most needs. A financial, creative or romantic situation that has you feeling edgy or nervous, is asking you to take a risk bringing to the surface deep perhaps childhood insecurities. But can trust you are safe and you are not a child anymore. So you don’t need to fear overstepping boundaries as long as you are being honest with your self and others about your own desires, and what you need to feel safe and at peace in your heart. Let go of trying to control something or even your own desires, or evaluate something based on your parents values about sex, love, relationships and money or those you were taught as a child. A relationship or situation that has subtly controlled or overshadowed your life is evolving and the more you can stay in the present and let go expectations this has the potential to liberate you in unimaginable ways. You are learning important lessons and perhaps this is tough love, but make choices in inspiration not fear or your insecurities. By the end of the month you will be ready to start a new chapter allowing you to create the kind of life you’ve dreamed of perhaps since you were a child or stabilize a situation to bring you greater peace. Remember, you are never to old to take a chance on your heart.

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There is a sweet breeze blowing through your world this month asking you to lighten up, relax a little and not worry so much. If you want more of the support you say you do, it may be as simple as taking down the walls and letting the love in. You may at this time be entertaining, re-decorating your home or perhaps simply be looking to create a more harmonious inner life with greater stability. Professionally things have been unpredictable to say the least, pushing you out of your comfort zone. But hopefully you have a better understanding now of the opportunities available to you. An unpredictable development could work out to your advantage ultimately bringing you the kind of security you’ve been longing for. Be creative and have faith, a great hope and plan you have is solid. Even if you’ve faced resistance in the past, a relationship is evolving and through a process of honest communication you can have the commitment and understanding you need from a partner. No one has power over you, but you have to let go of your parents model of a relationship or security to find what truly makes you feel safe and supported. Also let go of old baggage or resentments that prevent you from trusting another. You are free to make choices that support your highest ideals and needs without feeling controlled by anyone. By the end of the month you begin a new chapter which sees you growing in emotional and material security and comfort. Let go of what you don’t need, and you can create space in your world to build foundations for the kind friendships and commitments that fill you with deep joy, evolving with time and seasons for years to come.

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You’ve been evaluating an important relationship or financial commitment and you reach a breakthrough this month allowing you to finally move forward from something that has weighed heavily on your mind. As Venus moves through your 3rd house this month you are likely to be negotiating important financial and personal arrangements, allowing you to restore trust and balance, bringing you the peace of mind you need. Positive thinking could indeed show you a way to make the impossible possible. Especially when it comes to work, or a situation in your life you’ve been toiling thanklessly over: keep an open mind and perspective and you will see reality can be much sweeter than you first thought. Let go of what is no longer working and you can create the kind of change you have yearned for. In an important conversation with a partner this month open up to new horizons and possibilities. Speak your heart and be fair in your negotiations. The truth can indeed set you free and a brilliant idea you have can absolutely work even if its a little out there. Put your money where your mouth is and be willing to commit to someone or something that inspires you to be your highest and your best.

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A Full Moon mid-month brought an important relationship to light. As you evaluate your commitments, especially your financial and personal ones there may be important adjustments that need to be made. Someone or something may be asking you to push through your boundaries and trust more than you feel like you can afford to. But a sudden change in the dynamic of a relationship need not leave you feeling out of kilter or betrayed. Keep your emotional perspective, keep sight of your highest values and who you are at your core. Try not to resist the changes occurring, you can trust they are freeing you to make choices that support your deepest values. Face your fears honestly and let go of trying to control your desires. You will find there is little to fear.and you can trust your judgement about an important matter as long as you aren’t too quick to judge. There is a middle ground, which involves learning to compromise when necessary and have the courage of your convictions to stand your ground for truth, even when you feel the pressure to give in. Indeed the real turning point comes when you recognize your power to bring change to a situation so it brings you the kind of financial and emotional security you yearn for within your commitments. And the only power we truly have is the power of choice.
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The first half of the month brings a period of introspection for you. But regardless how in the dark you feel about the future trust things are evolving in just the way they need to. As your ruler enters your sign mid-month you will be feeling in your element again but an unexpected development in a professional or personal relationship is asking you to go beyond your usual limits. It may indeed feel like the ground beneath your feet is shifting, but intuitively you have seen this coming. As much as something is pushing your boundaries and asking you to trust, this is bringing you closer to the security you’ve been toiling for. Trust your instincts and voice your innermost concerns to those important. You have at least one friend or person you can speak to in confidence and rely on their integrity and loyalty. You may be finding it hard to integrate your need for creative freedom with feeling like you have to acquiesce to authority. But understand who or what controls and motivates you at the bottom of it all and you can find the power you need to make the changes you need to make. The more you can let go of the past and who you used to be, you will learn just how fertile your future is. You are coming into your own and by the end of the month you will have learned your own strength.

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This is a rather social month for you and it would be an excellent time for you to get out there meet new people and make new friends. It may require a little effort but you will find this a rather healing experience rather than any criticism you feared. A lot of this also depends on your willingness to go out there and make a little bit of an effort. But the biggest shift comes for you mid-month when your ruler Pluto changes direction. Pluto has been retrograde since early April this year asking you to examine your subconscious mental processes and deconstruct self-limiting beliefs that cause you to sabotage your own success. Professionally you are soon to be a hot commodity. What you need is confidence, not arrogance and you can negotiate an arrangement so it works for you even if it seems like a crazy idea to others. You may wonder where the resources for something will come from, or if you can trust a particular close relationship you share. But a relationship or situation is asking you to resolve your inner subconscious doubts and reach for the change you seek. This will call for deep trust in the face of the unknown but acknowledge your fears and you can can push through them, breathing life into your dreams. This means letting go of control long enough, to let life happen and surprise you pleasantly. Put your experience into action. There is a sweeter way forward and by next month you will be ready to share the love.

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Soon you will be liberated from a sensitive situation that has had you in hot water for a while freeing your energy to take more pleasure in the life you’ve been working so hard to build. Through the first half of the month you may be focused at work but don’t be afraid to re-prioritize your responsibilities and life so you are giving to the most worthwhile cause. Even if things are and have been painstakingly slow, you can trust the change you seek is here to stay. The financial or creative freedom you seek is not a distant dream. You can reach for an ideal or perhaps meet someone new that really sets your heart on fire or even re-ignite passion in a relationship. It will call for deep level of trust, but if you keep an open dialogue and you can come up with a solid plan that you feel good about and that really works. Be inspired and recognize you have the authority in your life to bend the rules. You don’t need to compromise on quality or even your values. In letting go of old aspirations you are in creating space for something new to take seed, that truly uplifts your heart. Just let go trying to control a situation and trust in the natural order of things a little more. And if you’ve ever wondered, by the end of this month you will know who your true friends are.

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You are evolving on a very profound level personally, pushing you to redefine your highest aspirations and ambitions. As Pluto stations direct in your sign this month the pressure is on you to change. You are being presented with a breakthrough opportunity to further your ambitions but you may wonder how you will balance work and a situation at home. Or something may be raising childhood fears or insecurities of never manifesting the kind of success you yearn for. But let go of trying to control something and trust the changes taking place have the potential to catapult you to new heights of success. Rather than trying to reach for non-existent standards or ideals of perfection, just resolve to be your best and believe in your self. Recognize your authority to make choices that work for the good of all, rather than worry about how you look in the eyes of others, or keeping up appearances. In the process of letting go of who you are not, you are unearthing a core reality of who you are and indeed were born to be. By the end of the month you will know just how loved, respected you are. What you most need or desire is not impossible or unattainable. Let nature take its course as you keep you heart open.

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There’s pleasing news on its way and more to look forward to than any fear you’ve had of the sky falling on your head or being punished for speaking your mind. You are being liberated from a situation and even if you don’t see it that way at first, you will soon. And perhaps this is a psychological shift rather than a physical one, but there is an opportunity on the horizon perhaps even someone at a distance who can help you further a desired ambition. You’ve come too far to let any subconscious fear of failure control or stand in the way of your success. In an important conversation, the more you can open your mind and be open to inspiration you will see the creative, tangible and lucrative potential in something. Especially when it comes to your financial as well as personal relationships keep your perspective and things could indeed unfold better than you could have dreamed. But this will require honest communication and willingness to compromise and negotiate arrangements that uphold your highest standards. Stand an idea on its head long enough and you will see a pleasing new way forward. Treat an opportunity with the respect it deserves and it will serve you well for years to come. This could be your ticket to freedom, leaving you free to explore enticing new horizons.

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A relationship or financial agreement may be pushing your boundaries asking for deeper levels of trust as you enter a commitment. No doubt this may be scary but a partners word is solid and you can trust what they are saying to you. You don’t need to be rebellious simply to attract attention, or mistrust something because it sends all your alarm bells ringing. But nor do you need to go along with whatever someone else is saying. Be honest about your needs and you can negotiate an agreement that truly works for you bringing you the understanding you need from another, as well as the freedom you need to be yourself. Consider this a process of discovering what and who really matters to you. What you learn has the potential to surprise even you, but you can trust a situation is evolving naturally to bring you the balance you need. By the end of the month you will be entering an important commitment you may perhaps even be getting married [in some way]. What is certain is that this is the end of one chapter, but the beginning of a new one that takes you deeper within the kind of relationships you desire and can rely on through time. You don’t have to fear losing anyone and the more you trust your heart, you can make choices that liberate and you can profit from all at once.

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