Pisces New Moon…

Welcome to the Pisces New Moon…

In a few hours at 2:45 PM EDT the Sun and Moon conjunct at 13+ Pisces setting us sail on a new cycle of growth. Clarify your vision and get busy. It’s time to make dreams come true.

I’ll be back with an excerpt form the Pisces New Moon report sometime tomorrow; Subscribers can look for this in their mailbox. Also the March Monthly Horoscopes will be on the site sometime over the weekend.

On a personal note, I returned from Goa last night and my friend Kevin flies back to NYC tonight. Today I plan on showing him around my neighborhood where I grew up.

I’ll hopefully be back soon to a more normal routine on the Blog and look forward to filling you in on my adventures. Hope all is well where you are…

With love and New Moon wishes,



Huge thank you to Niles for all the changes you see on the Blog!

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