Pluto stations direct 0+ Capricorn on Friday

Dear Friends and Readers,

Its late Wednesday night as I write this, the Moon is now at 22+ Taurus, about to trine Saturn in Virgo and sextile Uranus in Pisces. This is a grounding point for the aspects to come next week as the Moon makes harmonius aspects to the Saturn-Uranus opposition that’s been rocking the world lately. In Taurus the Moon is exalted, bringing out the highest qualities of the sign and the planet. In this earthy sign the emotional tides of the Moon can be anchored for stability, so we can have a solid awareness of that which is of value.

By Thursday around mid-day on the East Coast of North America the Moon moves into Gemini, as we head towards Pluto’s direct station on Friday. It will also square the Aries Point and Juno on Friday, so expect relationships and world events to reach a turning point. Pluto stationed retrograde on Apr. 4, 2009. Look back at your life then and see what seemed to suddenly go underground. Pluto is slow moving planet, but its effect is anything but mellow. There has been an inner transformation underway whether we’ve been conscious of this or not. Stop looking at past ruins and focus instead on the gold there is to be mined now.

Pluto stations direct at 00+ Capricorn, occupying the degree it did on Dec. 15, 2008. It would also be helpful to think back to this time and what was  going on. Pluto’s energy is intense — astrologically it represents primal forces of sex, life and death. Right now it may truly feel like something inside has died. There has been a necessary breakdown of structures and rules during this phase. Now we get a chance at resurrection of something that began then but needed time to evolve.

On a personal note, after another full day of writing and clients, I just got back from a canoe ride in the lake (another first.) We rowed over to a little island and wandered around a bit admiring the rocks that told stories of time and timelessness. I could not put into words the beauty we saw as we sat on the weathered rocks, with the tangerine setting Sun, Blue Mountains on the horizon under a purple hazy sky. As always it was a perfect sky… Its been quite the journey internally as well. With my Scorpio rising ascendant its impossible for me to not dive into the mystery of it all. Which often means tunneling through the darkness into the light… but as the pull of the other shore gets stronger its getting harder and harder to not surrender.

Hope all is well where you are…

With love,


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