Earth Moon and Virgin mother…

Today is a special day for me, it is my maternal grandfather’s birthday and also the feast of Mother Mary. I grew up from across the Mount Mary Church in Bandra, Mumbai and every year this day would begin with a visit to the church with my family. It is the most visited church in the cit and attracts millions of devotees each year for this week long celebration of the feast of the Virgin Mother.

If we look at this symbolically, this is the Virgo season. Mary is the “virgin” who gave birth to the Christ (Jesus was also represented by “fish” the symbol of Pisces and what we call cosmic consciousness.) This is Virgo energy that births and channels into earthly form the divine.The other day I had a little exchange with someone who tried to explain to me the Sun and the ‘Son’ as in Jesus were separate. I was a little amused especially since it came from someone very mystical and otherwise in tune.

Astrology, like life and God reveals its mysteries through symbols and signs. Only in deep presence can we become aware of this lucid energy that surrounds us. Oneness is not a concept but a reality, a very physical reality. But our minds are trained to live and exist in the three dimensional world that seeks to define, understand and label situations. Mysteries are scary, for they leave us open to the forces of the unknown.

Today as the Moon passes through Taurus we are likely to make contact with the solidity of the earth and its natural abundance. The planet and our physical reality is only God manifest in physical form — molecules and atoms of vibrating energy densely packed. Within our relationships as well with our possessions, to recognize true value we need to go beyond the physical. To go beyond the appearance of something to discover its core eternal, abundant essence.

— Priya Kale, Penetanguishene, Canada

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