Full Moon Blues and Alchemy…

With Mercury stationing retrograde yesterday, hot on the heels of the Full Moon the truth seems to have come flying out.

Now we enter a phase of review of all that has come to the surface with big changes on the horizon. At the end of the week Pluto stations direct at 0+ degrees Capricorn squaring the Aries Point. Followed by the Saturn Uranus opposition next week on Sep. 15, 2009.

The Moon is now passing through the end of Aries and enters Taurus early Tuesday morning at around 6 AM EDT. Given that there are no major aspects in the sky over the next few days till Pluto stations retrograde, use the energy to ground yourself in what is important to you and where your values truly lie. We will all need this stability when things get a start to get a little more intense over the coming days.

Pluto stationed retrograde back on Apr. 4, 2009 sending us on a transformational journey inward of break down of old rules and structures of society, that play a role in our individual psyche.  Depending on what part of you chart you have Pluto in that is where the greatest evolution in your life is taking place, that you would do well to be aware of.

Pluto is one of the farthest planets in the Solar System, its energy is similar and buried deep within our subconscious where it is dark and few dare to venture. But for those who dare, its energy is alchemical and evolutionary; teaching us that change can only come by going “through” something. For this there needs to be a conscious acknowledgment of the “dark” matter that exists so it can be released, leaving behind pure essence.

Pluto gives us no choice, it is the gateway between “life” and “death.” Most often what stands in our way of these two is our “fear.” We can either confront this consciously and move towards surrender, or let it control us unconsciously and lead us to the depths of hell to face what we have created. I remember hearing Michael Lutin speak of Pluto in a workshop once “For those that get to attached to the material world, they will end up in the Underworld.” This is about a surrender to find the higher self and spirit within, so it can rise like a phoenix to create something new from the ashes.

Personally, my journey continues. To say Canada has been magical for me is an understatement and the Pisces Full Moon did not fail to disappoint. I ended up spending the day at the beach by the cottage, which was totally spontaneous and unplanned for, but I decided to go with the flow. Once we got to the beach was taught how to build a sand-castle the “proper” way by 8 year old Chloe a Virgo, who then convinced me to go for a swim in the lake with her. The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging around on the beach with my Taurean, ‘sun-buddy’ Adrian, flying kites and crashing them into tree tops, taking pictures and just experiencing life. Adrian is 16 but definitely one of the wiser souls I’ve met [I know 40 year old’s who act like adolescents too – age />has nothing on the soul I learn] and someday he will buy me an island he says! So I’m set! : )

Later that evening a bunch of us headed to listen to The David Rotunda Band playing at Scully’s Baitshack. The night was spent dancing in the moonlight to some good ol’ Blues… I also heard from my good old fishy friend and soul mate, Eric Francis [of Planet Waves fame] filling me in on his magical adventures at Burning Man.

Magic would be one way to describe the day, but I definitely know I know what ‘soulful’ means now… for it was a day that filled my soul and overflowed into the night…

Hope your Full Moon was magical as well, I know the inner journey has been harder to deal with than the dream, but have faith in what is unfolding. God’s grace is more infinite, mysterious and unpredictable than anything we could imagine.

With love and grace,



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