Inner Journey – Natal Chart Immersive

12 x 60 min Monthly sessions, Natal Chart Immersive course


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If you want to understand yourself, your chart, and your soul’s purpose on a deeper level this journey is for you.


12 x 60-minute sessions. Scheduled monthly via Video call. (Sessions are recorded).


In Western Astrology, the Sun represents the soul and primary consciousness. As it moves through the zodiac, it illuminates a different field of life experience, reflecting our journey of soul growth.

In this course, we will follow the Sun’s transit through your chart in monthly one-on-one sessions. We will study each house, rulership, each planet, and its aspects, to reach a deeper understanding of what makes you, you. I consider myself your guide and mirror as you make this inner journey.

By the end of 12 months, you will grow in Self-awareness, deepen your understanding of your chart, and the seasons of your life, and gain tools that will be useful for a lifetime as you navigate this journey on earth.

I look forward to working with you! Namaste. – Priya


“Working with Priya has been a blessing. Through our monthly conversations, I have grown in understanding of my natal chart and the transiting astrology. As I deeply learn about each house in my chart, Priya asks questions that allow me to reflect on real past experiences and how they align with events in my chart. Priya creates a safe space to explore who I am, where I’ve been, and where I want to go. Priya helps me read the stars and cosmos and use them as a tool to navigate each day, and as I set and accomplish new goals. I’ve developed a deep curiosity and resonance with my chart. Our sessions have been a necessary tool in my spiritual and personal development. In our time together I have grown closer to my Self, God, and my understanding of the universe. I leave our sessions filled with “ahas”, wonderings, awe, and love. I trust Priya wholeheartedly as a guide mentor and new friend.

— Justin B. INNER JOURNEY – Astrology Course

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