Reader Feedback: Cosmic Diaries 2010 Annual Horoscopes

Dear Friends,

Here’s some feedback from readers on the 2010 Annual Horoscopes

Thank you all for your kind words…




Hi Priya,

Great work on the 2010 Taurus Horoscope! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and gifts with the world. I already feel the essence of everything you have written in the report working in my daily life. I know some people may not understand this – but I feel very lucky to be a Taurus, I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

Be well,



Dear Priya,

It was a treat to receive the yearly horoscopes for 2010 and in typical Virgoan fashion I am digesting it over and over as it is a multi-flavoured composition!

You have a warm and tender way of reaching into the heart of the energy and getting to the soul truth.  I regard you as a celestial interpreter, a translator of planetary messages, a conduit of love, light and guidance and I thank you for the love and dedication you expended in the writing.
Thank you again kind soul.Take best care and enjoy the easing of the pressure and workload!
Biggest hugs,


I remember what you said about horoscopes always being different from what you originally expect.

Y’know, I think for all artists, and I consider you to be an artist especially, it’s very difficult to be sure. It’s easier for people like computer programmers and mathematicians to be sure of an exact answer. After all, theirs is an exact science. An artist’s craft is based on visions. When I choreograph, I have nothing more to go on than a vision, cliché as that may sound. For you to deal with 12 signs of the zodiac and infinite combinations… I appreciate how difficult and how scary it is to write and admire you immensely for it.




this is a fantastic piece of writing…….clearly inspirational!

thank you again,

jay x


Thank you deeply for your labour of love.

Your dear father certainly hit the nail on the head with his example of holding hot coals to throw and only being burnt yourself. I tell you why… I found today a strange day of recovery from a drinking/music session and unable to focus on my writing which I have turned a corner with (about mid Jan) and am extremely pleased the progress but, what do I do instead of taking a good long walk?- I google an old lover/business partner and (thank goodness I’m laughing at myself right now for doing this) I see photos of his family, his children, the wife, the picked fence… the lot…. then…I eat-too much… then I fall sleep and now, after reading your article for Aquarius 2010, I do believe have finally woken up (!)

Cheers my dear
Many blessings to your heart

E in Ireland


Hi, Priya –
I just wanted to say “thank you”.
Thank you so much for your wonderful horoscopes.
Because I have been reading them for some time now, and they are very accurate.
They are so fitting to my life and what is going on, that it’s as if you know me personally.
And no, I am not trying to “fit them” or “force them” to my life and what’s going on.

I’m a Gemini-Cancer, being on the cusp.
When I read both signs that you’ve written, there are details in them which are exactly what is going on in my life.
As for other people I know, what you’ve written about their signs fits them exactly, also.
I don’t know how you do it, but you do it.
I really wish that you were the #1 astrologer on the Internet.

Anyway, I wanted to finally take the time out of my business schedule to say thank you.



Good Morning, Priya!

I just received my 2010 forecast (Virgo)… OMG.  I just wanted to tell you thank you.  It coincides so deeply not only with what I have been intuiting, but also with the tarot readings that three of us shared for each other last night in celebration of Imbolc.  J thought you might like to know the synchronicity of that 🙂

I am very grateful that you have followed your own Calling and are willing to share your insights, knowledge and intuition with us.  Many Blessings to you!


Home in the Middle
St. Louis


I love your horoscopes – they are very much soul-focused, and I love your ability to say it in detail but still keep it very concise. You have the intuitive ability to pick up on what is actually happening in my life at a soul level and expand upon it, and you are very much dead on. You did a fabulous job with the 2010 annuals.



You know its good when your crying by paragraph 3!! You can see in my chart what I feel and then some! You instill faith in an ever greatening, greatness!!

Thanks for such a fantastic interpretation of this time. I totally understand. I am so empowered, yet I feel so scared…why? Because its 2010! Bring it on…. gulp!

If my whole life has been here to teach me faith and patience to finally achieve what I have always wanted then every tear, smile, labour, move, love and heart break has been worth it.
Thanks to your contribution of ever healing words and eternal faith, I now have a more comprehensive and useful grand plan! Me! Creative me!
Thanks for easing me in line with your astrological wand!!
These were definatley worth the wait and arrived in my email box at such a crucial moment and perfect time. No surprise there!
I will always be grateful to you for what you have given me and I hope your horoscope is just as inspiring and accurate, as you deserve the best also Priya…
Love to you


P.S. I cant get over that rebel comment. Me in an aquarian nutshell!!

– Jen


Dear Priya:

I wrote a personal letter to you, and now I’m writing here.
I thank you, thank you, thank you for your horoscopes.
I love reading them, because they are very “fitting” to what is happening to me.
It’s as if you know me personally, and you’re writing details and secrets about my life.
What is also spooky, is that you’re exact on the signs of people that I know.
You’ve written many horoscopes, where I’ve actually said:
“How can she possibly know that? How on earth would she know that?”.
Why? Because what you’ve written was and is exactly what’s going on.
I don’t know how you do what you do. I can’t figure you out! But you’re great!
Thank you so much again.



I’m about a third of the way through the Pisces horoscope (that’s my rising sign, which I usually read first, before my Sag sun sign.) I have a feeling I’ll be reading these slowly over the next few days, contemplating your words and letting them sink in.

“What you dreamed for your life is changing, but this is only liberating you to build your dreams on based on your personal standards” and “What is real will never leave you.”

Priya, thanks so much for sharing the gift you have of seeing, interpreting, and expressing so poetically and yet practically.

– Kitty


Hi Priya!

I just wanted to write a quick note thanking you for the 2010 Annuals! They are BEAUTIFUL, thoughtful and full of resonance–and for me head scratching, but that’s ok! It will give me something to chew on probably all year and makes me still more determined to save pennies for a full-blown consultation with you.
I hope you are taking a well deserved rest as I can tell you’ve poured your heart into your computer over these last several weeks.
With love and thanks!



JESUS PRIYA!!! No more commentary… you are smack on girl. Nailed it. Like I was the target and you were the arrow aiming accurately for the centre of my life, thoughts, desires, patterns, beingness. WAY TO GO!

I can’t guarantee the blow by blow commentary on each paragraph… could get exhausting. Just know you got me. No place to hide with you and your cosmic laser lens…



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