Venus conjunct Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius

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Dreaming Divine

This morning I awoke

from a dream,

feeling like a weathered habit

held together by

flesh & grace…

so filled with God even

the emptiness brimmed over.

— Niles Comer,


Dear Friends and Readers,

We begin the week on a dreamy note, but there is definitely something bitter-sweet about this. It’s about 4:15 PM EST, Sunday, Feb. 7, 2010 as I write this. Venus is now approaching her conjunction to Chiron exact at 6:45 PM EST and then overnight (just after midnight in the NYC) on Monday she conjuncts Neptune in Aquarius coloring the energy over the next couple of days.

There may be painful truths to deal with. But if we can be in no denial now, there is a way to heal from what may have been a difficult past. Chiron’s force can be rapidly transformational and often what we consider our wound turns out to be our gift. Look at the way’s you’ve been hurt in the past — and see how you may project those fears (especially surround rejection or acceptance) onto your present. Or how painful memories or experiences from the past, prevent you from experiencing a deeper intimacy and trust within your relationships today. Only in acknowledgment and self-acceptance can there be a move towards healing, release and renewal.

In Aquarius the danger can be of isolation. We’d rather be alone than risk being hurt. But often to make a heart connection, we have to be the first to open up. As I heard the Dog Whisperer say the other day — any relationship is established by “giving” love first before expecting and then giving mother nature “space” to respond. Financially and emotionally and within relationships — transparency is what is needed rather than blind trust. If there is love, any gap can be can be closed with honesty and understanding. Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. Question doubt with projection or unnecessary suspicion but with an attempt to seek and be open to truth. In awareness of our gifts and wounds, we can afford to make choices based in our softer intuitive nature — without falling for a fantasy.

There’s a sense of idealism arising, which can be deeply healing if we make conscious choices in trust and honesty. No doubt this can also be a time to deepen intimacy, get in touch with a deeper soul, divine kind of love (it does not have to be romantic.) This is also extremely creative, imaginative energy — be inspired by a vision that brings beauty, joy and hope to a greater collective. Here is today’s blog from Painted Soul, in line with today’s Venus-Neptune conjunction, reflecting this energy and beautiful truthPainted Soul: 10 Spiritual “Reminders” for the Journey (and 3 Vows…)

As we move towards the Aquarius New Moon on Feb. 13, 2010 (conjunct Chiron and Netptune,) personal planets Mercury and Venus change signs to Aquarius and Pisces respectively later in the week. Pay attention to the lessons you are learning now, by the end of the week we can get a new start within relationships, financial and creative situations that may seem a little more than chaotic right now. The New Moon brings a chance to make a new start with a new perspective and with refreshed hope in our hearts.

in Love,


It’s good to be back on the blog and back to “normal” now that I have finished the 2010 Annual Horoscopes. If you have yet to purchase yours – I recommend getting at least 2 for your Sun Sign and Rising Sign or you can buy all 12 as a valuable gift for partners, family and friends. These are in-depth reports (2500-3000 words approx.) for each sign — with a detailed interpretation of major transits affecting you this year. You can read feedback and comments from readers on the Order page. I will post feedback from my mail bag here soon.


Just to let you know (since I asked for your prayers earlier) I heard from my friend. He is safe and I thank you for your prayers and concern.


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