Sample Weekly Horoscope for Week of Feb. 7, 2010

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SAMPLE Weekly Horoscope for Week of Feb. 7, 2010



The recent past has taken a lot out of you. You may be dreaming of a sweet escape, while fearing it will need a miracle to free you from a difficult situation.  Now as you see a glimmer of hope emerging on the horizon, you may not yet be sure if you can trust this. You are not stuck as you may have feared and the love or freedom you pray for for is not a far fetched fantasy. Stay true to your heart and allow it to guide when you don’t feel so sure of yourself. Early next week a New Moon, as Mercury and Mars make aspects to Saturn. Overcome your own fears and insecurities and stay grounded in your inner truth. You can see creative ways beyond any roadblock you currently anticipate. You can create the future you dream of, if you can remain open to inspiration.

New – 2010 Annual Horoscopes | Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Astrology Consultations


Expect to be feeling rather wistfully romantic as you begin the week. You are discovering a deep truth in your heart and this may be bitter-sweet. But the more you can become aware even of the ways you feel pained or wounded, the greater will be your depth of healing and liberation from the past. Be in no denial of your truth, even if you fear rejection. Ultimately you can only be true to yourself – so dive deep to find the yours. This is about you discovering the eternal soulful individual essence of your being and learning to love it. Creatively as well there is something divinely original and unique emerging in the depths of your soul. This week — let yourself be moved by the song in your heart. It’s guiding you into deep waters of the muse and you could be birthing a stroke of genius soon.

New – 2010 Annual Horoscopes | Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Astrology Consultations


Your recent journey through the abyss has been tricky, but something inside you now can see a way forward. Something or someone touches you deep in your soul this week awakening emotions that you may have long denied yourself the presence of. Or it may be a deeper love and creative vision emerging within you. You stand in a moment of deep and divine self-discovery of your gifts and your wounds. Be in no denial. Your ability to be honest with yourself and love yourself flaws and all, is allowing you to bloom gracefully into the person you were born to be and are becoming. Be inspired by your deepest soulful feelings and creative vision. You don’t need to fear opposition or judgment. Those that love you — will accept you and support you no matter what. But sometimes it means giving others a chance to prove the depth of their commitment to you as well.

New – 2010 Annual Horoscopes | Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Astrology Consultations

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