Ring of Fire, Moving to Aries New Moon & Solar Eclipse

Dear Friends,

As I write this, we’re halfway between the Libra Full Moon and Aries New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse on April 20, at 12:14 AM ET at 29+ Aries marking a fiery and passionate new beginning.

With the Capricorn Moon at the Last Quarter, we’re at a turning point. There’s a need for sensitivity, maturity, balance, adjusting boundaries, self-respect, integrity, and realigning with personal goals moving ahead. Mars the ruler of (the Sun) Aries is currently in Cancer. We’ve been rapidly cycling through and processing a lot recently. Make time to periodically – pause and reflect on what is driving you. Be driven by curiosity and passion, rather than fear, anger, mistrust, and self-doubt.

Eclipses come in pairs; they open portals to our destiny, bringing fated events and developments. Eclipses will wipe out what is no longer part of our journey, getting us back on track and propelling us to the future. This is the second Aries New Moon, and the first of this series of Aries-Libra Eclipses, setting the stage for at least 18 months. We’re coming full circle from a month ago, and there’s a need for total alignment moving ahead. It would help to read the April 2023 Monthly Horoscopes (again) to see where this is playing out in your life

An Eclipse is powerful on its own and at the 29th (or anaretic) degree: this energy is ramped up and searing. If that weren’t enough, this also happens to be a rare hybrid Eclipse which will be both an Annular Eclipse and Total Solar Eclipse. The last time we had a similar astronomical event was 10 years ago. Its rarity adds to its astrological significance and potency. So don’t underestimate the current climate to burn down what stands in the way of progress.

Yesterday, marked the Sun’s annual meeting with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, luck, and expansion. This is considered the ‘luckiest day’ of the year – so I hope it was fortuitous for you. Still, luck or good fortune is often disguised. It is our gratitude to life that reveals our blessings. Recently, Jupiter has been traveling with Chiron, and something might have felt like a blessing and curse. At best, we’re becoming aware of our wounds, especially the inner wounded child. With awareness, this is an opportunity to heal from the source.

Also yesterday, Venus entered Gemini (till May 7) and immediately made a trine to Pluto in Aquarius, clearing stuck energy. Relationships, finances, creativity, and all Venusian matters of the heart are evolving and reach a turning point on April 14 as Venus squares Saturn. Also, Venus and Mercury are in mutual reception now – occupying each other’s signs — suggesting communication and our values are at the heart of the matter.

Dig deeper for the truth in your heart. There is no right or wrong choice it’s a matter of values. Who and what do you value? Would you rather be right or happy? Do you mean what you say, and say what you mean? At best, the coming weeks offer a chance to get our heads and hearts on the same page. Venus is also now transiting the territory Mars was recently in from September –  March. Where there has been separation and division, Venus’ presence can help us close a gap with honesty, communication, love, and understanding. The Moon in Pisces this weekend is softening the sharper edges.

In the days leading to the Eclipse, move inward to reconnect with yourself and the divine spark within. If things feel edgy — consciously release emotional baggage, childhood patterns, fears, and abandonment issues, and sink deeply into the present. You are no longer a naive child. Aries represents the life force alive within you and sustains this Universe of which you are a part. Trust in that. This a chance to wipe the slate clean, reclaim your sense of wonder, innocence, and curiosity, and re-birth in the fullness of who you are today.

For the duration of the Eclipse, it would be best to avoid doing anything –it’s like trying to work with the lights out. Ideally, it would be best to be still and meditate. Any meditation or spiritual practice we do during an Eclipse is said to be multiplied a thousandfold.

As the Sun’s disk is wiped out and remerges, similarly this is a total renewal of consciousness. There’s a need for total authenticity and fearlessness, moving ahead. We’re seeing things in a new light, bringing blazing revelations. We’re being put through the ring of fire. But at best, this is burning down the ego to reveal the true Self within.

What we initiate now will gain rapid momentum over the next 18 months. So move slowly, as you adjust to your new awareness, a new landscape, and pay attention to where you feed energy. We’re likely to see the first signs of exponential growth by mid-May.

Only hours after the Eclipse, the Sun enters Taurus and squares Pluto marking an evolutionary turning point, followed by Mercury’s retrograde on April 21 – bringing buried information to light. There could be second chances, we could be reconnecting with missed opportunities, or waking up to hidden realities. What we learn now is asking us to pause and re-evaluate stubborn beliefs, opinions, recent decisions, conversations, and arrangements and make valuable discoveries — be patient with a process.

I have a lot more to say and I’ll be back with more soon. Till then, I’m available for Personal Astrology Consultations to help you make the most of the current astrology. There could be no better time than now.


Priya, NYC, NY

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