We’re in the womb of a delicious, creative, sensual, fertile, passionate, and prolific Taurus New Moon cycle. The New Moon aligned less than an hour ago, on May 19 at 11:54 AM ET, ushering a powerful renewal.

Pay attention to where you have Taurus in your chart, you’re entering a year of exponential growth. In the coming days – life is about to pick up pace dramatically. You can have what you need and perhaps even what you want. But do you know what you want? What and who do you value? Do you know what’s good for you? Do you consider yourself worthy of your desires? For now – move slowly through these final days of Taurus season (till May 21). Dig deep, get grounded in your values, self-worth, and self-esteem, clear clutter, and create space for renewal and new growth.

On May 5, the Scorpio Total Lunar Eclipse marked the end of a powerful eighteen-month cycle that began in November 2021. Over the past two weeks – unexpected encounters, developments, and powerful revelations have surfaced — showing us the attachments, emotional baggage, patterns, beliefs we need to release; and what’s here to stay. Mercury was retrograde helping us get to the bottom of the truth. Eclipses have shown us – we can’t run or hide from the truth, reality, or the Universe. Avoid plastering over cracks, but also avoid letting fear run the show. Remain humble, flexible, and patient, and you can make valuable discoveries as the new cycle unfolds.

Taurus is a sensual, prolific, creative, resourceful, and fertile sign. It is the sign of life itself. Jupiter’s recent ingress in Taurus at this New Moon suggests something we’ve (almost) given up hope on, still has plenty of life left in it. And we’ve barely scratched the surface of its potential. Humility, wisdom, and discernment will be needed – so we don’t overlook an opportunity or look a gift horse in the mouth while hungering for shiny objects. Not all that is gold glitters, and not all that glitters is gold. Be patient as the Moon grows and more is revealed.

This is the first lunation in Taurus, since 2021, that is not an Eclipse. Where, over the past two years, opportunities have felt elusive, shady, or tantalizingly just out of reach — this new cycle herald a welcome change. We’re seeing things more clearly now, recognizing what is valuable and what we need to change within ourselves. Consciously release the past, so you can embrace the future with open arms.

As the Taurus New Moon aligns it sextiles Mars at 29+ Cancer, bringing deep insights, emotions, and revelations. Relationships, creative and financial situations are deepening and renewing. And I cannot overstate how sensual, creative, prolific, abundant, and fertile this New Moon energy is. Also, Venus the ruler of Taurus is in Cancer and will sextile Uranus next week, bringing surprising, juicy developments.

The seeds you plant, nurture, and give attention to this New Moon are likely to grow dramatically over the coming weeks and months. This is manifestation 101. Yoga, meditation, hugs, and anything that helps you get into your body, will help you feel alive, find your center, and come home to yourself. Then trust your gut, trust how you feel, and let your feelings intuitively guide you. Sow wisely as you keep your sights on the big picture.

Aspects suggest, whatever you need — help is close at hand. Don’t be afraid to ask and learn to receive. That said there’s a need for detachment of where help comes from. Doors are opening to delicious opportunities to grow in real material and emotional security over the coming year. Financially, creatively, emotionally, and in relationships, there’s lucrative potential, emotional depth, and real support present.

Since 2021, the Taurus-Scorpio Eclipses have put relationships to the test. Now relationships are evolving and renewing, powerfully and profoundly. This cycle brings an opportunity to deepen connections where there is mutual freedom, acceptance, and space for growth — individually and together. Taurus speaks of commitment and loyalty. Tough times test the strength of a relationship and can deepen bonds. The past is past, but the relationships and situations that have survived past the Scorpio Eclipse are here for our soul growth.

This is a new beginning. With Jupiter on the North Node, opportunities arising are drawing us to our future. That said, there’s a need to evolve from toxic patterns, not be afraid to call out bullshit (lovingly without judgment) and let go of the drama. With Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, the more freedom we can allow others — the more we can deepen bonds that will stand by us loyally, expand our world tangibly, and go the distance with us. When we’re feeling secure we needn’t hold on to anything and this Taurus New Moon is a chance to get rooted in that inner security and sense of self-worth.

Mars enters Leo on May 20 and is moving through a T-square with Pluto and Jupiter in the coming days, igniting passion, desire, powerfully transforming, and moving stuck energy. This is pure alchemy. On May 21 the Sun enters Gemini ushering in a new season and immediately trines Pluto, —bringing liberating developments, communication, and information that evolves our understanding of our choices. On May 22 the Sun connects with Mars, opening the door to communication. We’re ready to go for what we want and paint the town red. Nothing is black and white and there is no wrong choice — be true to yourself, move with intention, and trust the right things will follow. Still, as Mars squares Jupiter on May 23, we’re turning a huge corner — so make sure you slow down and not get ahead of yourself, or you could be in danger of missing a turn or tipping over.

(For a more in-depth interpretation of these aspects – please listen to the Cosmic Diaries Podcast May 15-23. I’ll have more to say about Mars in Leo, in next week’s podcast on Monday – so please tune in.)

It’s time to drop the mask and get real, with yourself, and others. It will call for courage, vulnerability, and faith. You don’t need validation from anyone for your existence. Know your worth, the value of what’s been offered, and what something is worth to you. Everything has a cost — and nothing is worth your soul. What matters, is what something is worth to you. Consciously release power struggles; you can’t change another, but you choose where you invest energy. Be true to your values, and know your worth, and you can magnetize or gravitate to what and who you desire, almost effortlessly. There’s something truly rich and golden here.

As you evolve, you can transform a dynamic that’s been fraught with tension to extract what’s golden in it. Sometimes all it takes is to show up, authentically, as you are today and to allow others the same space to grow and evolve. In romantic, or personal relationships especially — if you love someone, tell them, without expectations of reciprocation. And where it is appropriate – a hug, a kiss, or a touch can say a LOT more than words right now and could be just what’s needed to transform a situation.

Taurus teaches patience, hard work, commitment, loyalty, and contentment. It speaks of all of life’s sensual, carnal pleasures, creature comforts, money, relationships, food, and everything that brings us a sense of security. Taurus represents our physical body, material energy, and our core intangible values and skills. It reminds us everything material is transient, and to love our body— it is a vessel for the immortal soul and a gift from God or the Universe. External beauty fades, we can’t take our money to the grave, and all relationships change. It is the inner richness of the soul, the depth and purity of the heart, the love shared, and one’s quality of life – that is the true measure of one’s wealth.

Taurus is the sign that represents nature, the earth, and life itself. Like nature and life, Taurus represents a natural process of growth. We don’t even control our heartbeat. Jupiter’s presence in Taurus is a reminder that life is a gift, let your life be a gift. Above all, have faith in the Universe, and practice gratitude for all your gifts, all you’ve been given — your intelligence, your health, your skills, gifts, material possessions, and all the people in your world. In that space of gratitude, we can invite in the abundance of the Universe.

Above all, this Taurus New Moon suggests you have more than enough of what you need – money, skills, resources, support, and love, to create or draw in whatever else you need. Sow seeds of love, nurture them wisely, let nature take its course, and you could be reaping a bountiful harvest sooner than you think.

With this New Moon in my sign close to my Sun – I’ve been feeling this energy powerfully. This Taurus season has been nothing short of life-changing — internally more than externally. My heart is tender, my mind is blown open, it’s been a lot and clearly, there’s a lot more coming through. But I feel like I’m coming home to myself after a very long time and it’s a wonderful thing. Thank you as always for being here, and choosing me as your astrologer on your journey. I’m humbled and excited as we collectively enter this new chapter.

I’ll be back with more soon. In the meanwhile, you can schedule a reading to make the most of all your current opportunities! I look forward to working with you.

Sending love and many blessings for this New Moon,


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