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Dear Friends,

We’re past the Equinox, officially in the new astrological year — moving to the Aries New Moon on Mar. 27, 2017 at 10:57 PM EDT.

Today marks the Sun-Venus conjunction in Aries, a time when life is just a little sweeter in spite of all there is to worry about. With the Moon in Pisces today, take some time to sit in the lap of the Divine Mother and

On that note, here’s a long overdue, longish report on the Venus Rx transit. Last night just before I could post, it so happened that Universe planned a surprise visit for me to California, to be with my Guru for a meditation retreat and fire-ceremony just in time for the Sun – Venus conjunction.

I’ll be sending out the Aries New Moon report with the New Moon, you can sign up here to receive that in your email.

Also, I have one Consultation slot that opened up this weekend — if you’ve ever considered getting a reading from me, there couldn’t be a more auspicious time — email me at priya@cosmicdiaries.com.

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Jan. 27: Venus in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius
Jan. 30: Venus enters shadow at 26+ Pisces
Feb. 4: Venus entered Aries (Direct)
Mar. 4: Venus stations Retrograde 13+ Aries
Mar. 25: Sun conjunct Venus Rx at 4+ Aries
April 2: Venus re-enters Pisces (Rx)
April 8: Venus Rx Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius (27+ degrees)
April 15: Venus stations Direct 26+ Pisces
April 21: Venus (Direct) Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius (27+ degrees)
April 28: Venus enters Aries (Direct)
May 18: Venus moves out of shadow.

We’re in the thick of the Venus retrograde — today marking the interior Sun-Venus conjunctions crystallizing, illuminating and bringing home the lessons of the Venus Rx transit, seeding the coming New Moon.

Venus stations retrograde once every 18 months; returning to the same retrograde position (within a few degrees) once every eight years.

This forty day retrograde phase of Venus is also reflected in the myth of the Sumerian Goddess Inana; symbolically describing her movements in the sky as she disappears below and reappears above the horizon.

And do this dance plays out within, through, and around us; drawing us into our personal underworld for a confrontation of the desires, fears, and demons lurking in the shadows, so they can be transformed in the light of awareness.

Venus is the Goddess of love, beauty, money, creativity, prosperity, well being, and most importantly intangible values that go beyond the physical — one wo/man’s trash is another wo/man’s treasure. Her retrograde is a chance for deep re-evaluation of your relationships, creativity, finances, and all matters close to the heart.

Pay attention to where Aries and Pisces fall in your chart — especially if you have planets there — this is where the action is playing out in your life. Aries is a cardinal sign that ‘initiates,’ Pisces a mutable sign that represents a transitional energy.

As Venus moves retrograde and then direct again, a process of cutting the cord and a dissolution of the past, so you can truly make a new start once Venus is direct and moves out of shadow.

Also, look back to what was unfolding in 2009, 2001, 1993, 1985, 1977 and so on. These were the previous times Venus was retrograde in this part of the zodiac. You are not the same today as you were then. What have you learned? What are the patterns you do not wish to repeat? What do you need to unlearn, so you can return to your purest essence, and most authentic self?

Keep asking yourself these questions through this entire transit, and observe how your answers change. This is a purification by fire, taking you beyond the veil of illusion to recognise what’s truly valuable. At it’s essence this is a journey of reconnecting with your inner child, and the unconditional love in your being.

It’s important to note — when it comes to finances especially, material resources are represented by the earth element. With Venus’ transit Aries and Pisces are fire and water signs — there is a sense now that you’re being asked to “create something out of nothing.”

Consciously move past ideas of success and failure, superficial values, and attachments to material success. You came into this world with nothing, and you will die with nothing. It is your imagination, talent, creativity, passion, and fire that are what is valuable and key in a situation.

Venus in Aries is very impulsive and driven by her desires, when she wants something she wants it now. Even more so during her retrograde, offering a palpable and visceral experience of her energy.

Aries is the first sign (the new born, or child) of the zodiac; Venus is in her “detriment” in Aries a Mars ruled, Cardinal sign — where it’s not the easiest for her to express herself. It’s not that she is powerless here, rather that one needs to be more aware and careful when wielding this power; if you wave a knife or play with fire, more than likely someone’s going to get hurt.

If something incites extreme emotions — slow down and get clear on what you want first. Ultimately what anyone really wants is happiness and inner-peace — everything else is a means to this end. But no one and nothing can make you happy; and only inner bliss is permanent.

Currently Mars is in Taurus, in a mutual reception with Venus in Aries. Both planets are debilitated, but the mutual reception allows them to work together. There’s a sense of role-reversal, having to stand in another’s shoes, which might not be comfortable but it is teaching you empathy. This is also emphasizing the need for teamwork; someone has what you need and vice versa, but let the focus be on common values rather than material gain, or attachments.

There might even be past lovers, or ghosts of the past returning. In general if you have life-changing commitments, decisions, and purchases to make I would do it when Venus is direct. Things are in flux, subject to change and you will have more clarity then. Relationships at best are a mirror but without self-awareness, there is a danger of projection.

What are your relationships reflecting to you about yourself? What were the dynamics of your parents/care-givers relationship? Was your childhood a happy one? Did you feel safe, loved, secure? Could you trust? Or did the world feel like a scary place? Did you have to fight for attention? Were you encouraged to be and express yourself? How have your experiences shaped you?

Venus in Aries suggests your primary relationship needs to be with yourself. Aries is about “being” rather than “doing.” Who are you in your heart of hearts, when you think no one is watching? What moves you to action — is it fear, passion, desire?

Venus in Aries is like the heart of a child — innocent, trusting, full of wonder and curiosity about the world around them. But like a child, there is a naiveté to this energy. Especially when Venus is retrograde, there’s a sense of feeling more vulnerable, exposed, and open.

As sweet as she is, she can also be mean, cutting, sharp, and narcissistic; especially when in a self-preservation mode. If you’ve been burned it can be easy to be consumed by emotion, to “become the fire” and (unconsciously,) destroy [what you love] because you feel destroyed.

In any situation that’s overheated, where there is friction, tension— it’s a natural response/reaction to want to project blame, or direct the energy towards something to release it; even yourself. Take time to self-reflect instead, what you put out comes back and “selfish” choices upset a natural balance. Unless everyone wins everyone loses.

You need not be a martyr, or suffer fools, but avoid taking things personally, and or/adding fuel to a fire. Passion, fear, anger, and pain, is all (fiery, Mars) energy that needs to be channeled with awareness, without which it is a (self) destructive force.

Aries is in the sign of Saturn’s fall — this is energy that has not learned the harsher lessons of life. Depending on one’s experiences there can be a sense of feeling like a wounded child. But like a child it could also be easier to forgive and forget, and be in the moment. But remember your lessons, then you don’t have to repeat them. Trust is something that is earned and built through time and consistency of action, not just words.

To truly transmute the energy, it has to be purified in the inner fire of awareness. Acknowledge issues surrounding abandonment, trust, desires, rejection, betrayal; fears and desires, and what you’ve outgrown — personally, emotionally, financially.

It will call for brutal honesty with yourself, and a genuine curiosity of another; rather than an idea of love or relationships. Then you can avoid projecting wounds and/or fantasies, alienating yourself, inflicting pain, or unconsciously repeating patterns; allowing you to re-ignite passion, strengthen connections that warm your heart, touch your soul, and/or heal and get closure in a situation.

Meditation, yoga, prayer, or other spiritual practises will go a long way in helping balance your energy — allowing you to grow in empathy, compassion, wisdom, and be moved to constructive action.

You will be recovering this territory again once Venus is direct — especially with the Sun-Venus conjunction in the womb of the New Moon —  what you put out will come back, so sow wisely. You can’t change the past but you can learn your lessons in love rather than pain.

Forgive yourself, love yourself, and heal yourself. Then as Venus stations direct, you can move forward with greater self-awareness and extend this compassion into the world, through your presence, being, thought, words and deed.

As Venus dips back into Pisces there’s a sense of renewed clarity in a situation you’ve taken a fall in. You’re learning how deep the rabbit hole goes. The mask is dropping, the facade burning; asking you to go beyond illusions to recognize what’s real and valuable.

Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac, a mutable water sign — it is the most non-materialistic sign. It represents “God,” the cosmic ocean, cosmic consciousness, and all that is — manifest and unmanifest. It is boundless, all pervasive, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient energy.

Venus represents the “womb”; at the degree of her exaltation in Pisces, this is extremely fortuitous, fertile energy — the horn of plenty. Still the message here is of unconditional love, and of the intangible beauty, grace, and magic that surrounds you disguised as the mundane. A chance for healing on a soul level; for dissolving energetic knots, releasing emotional baggage that clogs your heart, and connection with the “source.”

Venus in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius two more times in April, while retrograde and then direct; repeating the aspect she made at the end of January once. This marks a turning point in relationships, creative, and financial situations. Think of this as a distillation process, distilling something to its purest and most concentrated essence.

Venus in Pisces is unconditional love, pure creative potential; while Saturn in Sagittarius asking for boundaries, structure, truth, integrity, and walking the path. Unconditional love, need not mean unconditional giving — that’s enabling.

You’re learning your bottom line (financially and emotionally,) and boundaries; where you need them, and where you need to lower walls that rather than protect, keep you imprisoned and  preventing a flow of creativity, love, financial abundance, and well-being. There’s magic in the air and water, and you need structure to bottle it — be it your creativity, a financial budget, or even a relationship.

The retrograde square might be an ideal time to first acknowledge and dismantle what isn’t constructive, and no longer supporting you or a vision. Then you can move forward with renewed focus. Be conscious not to mirror, and/or be attached to illusory materialistic values of society. Stay true to your integrity and aligned with an inner truth and compass, rather than seek external validation.

There are no magic solutions, but there is real magic. Be creative and imaginative with the resources you do have available — tangible and intangible — which includes your imagination, creativity, love, passion, ambitions, and desire. Then with discipline, focus, commitment to walking a path, dedication and hard work, you can manifest a dream.

Pisces is a reminder that we are ONE — not in belief, but in reality. What affects one, will affect you in eventually in time in some shape or form. No one is immune from the stirrings of the heart, and nothing exists in a vacuum. All of creation is indivisibly connected, and everything comes full circle.

As Venus now moves retrograde and then stations direct again to complete her transit, there’s a sense of being brought to one’s knees, before there can be grace, mercy, re-birth, renewal, resurrection, and return to the light.

This is a journey into the flaming inferno of your heart, asking for an honest confrontation of your desires and fears, illusions, material attachments to discover what’s truly valuable and real. Life is a gift, and only love is real, eternal, and permanent. You can’t save the world, but in healing your own heart you can be a source (and endless well) of compassion and love for all the lives you touch.

This is an inner blossoming of your being, of learning to love yourself so love becomes an outpouring of you, watering the garden of your life; so you can leave the world a little better than you found it.



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