Sagittarius New Moon: A New Dawn…

On Wednesday Dec. 16, 2009 at 7:01 AM EST the Sun and Moon conjunct at 24+ Sagittarius.

At this time the New Moon makes close aspects to the outer planets as it sextiles the triple conjunction in Aquarius and squares Uranus in Pisces. Also Venus will be in close conjunction to the New Moon at 18+ Sagittarius approaching an exact trine to Mars at 19+ Leo the day after the New Moon.

On a practical level, this New Moon suggests a promising new start for endeavors with altruistic implications. If we are working towards the betterment of a greater collective we are ultimately doing our part on this grand stage. The aspect can be a positive influence for worldly ambitions that go beyond individual needs.

With Venus in the heart of this New Moon trine Mars in Leo this is divine creation at work. But Mars is now smoldering at 19+ degrees of Leo (in close opposition to the  triple conjunction in Aquarius) where it stations retrograde on Dec. 20, 2009. On the one hand there is a desire to be bold, confident, live, love and create. But there may be a deep sense of disillusionment, hurt pride, ego wounds to deal with as well that are being kept hidden. As Mars stations retrograde, there will be a lot of clearing in these areas. To me this seems like a deeper process of ego death.

I attended a lecture by Nick Dagan Best in the city yesterday, where outlined past Mars retrograde cycles in history and their impact on world history. Relations between Cuba and the US seem to be highlighted during this cycle so it will be interesting to see what comes up. The last two Mars retrograde cycles in Leo happened late 1977-78 and in 1995. It maybe helpful to look at what emerged at these times in your life. There is a similar theme afoot.

As the New Moon squares Uranus there may be sudden revelations that set us off on a new path. This need not mean changing course, but rather seeing the ‘same old’ with fresh eyes and a new perspective. With Uranus the changes are likely to be unexpected, but if we can let go of fears of the unknown it could open us up to see the infinite possibilities in something. A radical solution could be the answer to our prayers.

To better understand this energy of Sagittarius — it represents the 9th house of the zodiac; associated with philosophy, psychology and even astrology. All subjects that take us in the realm of the non-dual, non-judgmental higher mind. It comes after Scorpio suggesting a resurrection of faith and spirit which comes after letting go of material attachments. It is the energy that represents our inner wisdom, what we call the conscience or “higher self.” This is nothing but the divine awareness that exists in each sentient human.

When we pray this is is communication (Gemini) or rather communion on the deepest level with the higher self or God (Sagittarius.) Whether we are of the belief that this God energy exists within – or without. Sagittarius is also represents religion and truth; as well as international languages, foreign countries, cultures.

It gives us a clue in the fact that different religions are in fact a product of geographical evolution of people within their frame of understanding. All religions carry essentially one message — truth. It is our understanding according to our belief systems and perception (Gemini) that differs.

Now with this new cycle beginning and as the New Moon in Sagittarius sextiles the Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune conjunction in Aquarius — there is no denying that each of our experience of the infinite or God or the Universe is unique. Or there would be no reason to ‘be.’

Indeed life can be pretty meaningless if you think about it. We are born and then we die. So if there is a meaning it can only be found in this present moment — the now. For that is all there is. (Giving us a clue into the famous Sagittarian seeming impatience, there can be wisdom in it.)

It may at the time of the New Moon feel like we have to strain to find hope. But have faith in the new cycle we are beginning. As sure as day follows night, there is a new dawn on the horizon.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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