Sun squares Uranus in Pisces, heading towards Sagittarius New Moon

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Hello all,

We are now in the dark of the Moon heading towards the Sagittarius New Moon on Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2009 at 7:01 AM EST; 12:01 PM UT. Currently the Moon is in Scorpio and it enters Sagittarius early Monday at 7:24 AM EST; in the afternoon in the UK and later in the day in Australia.

The weekend has taken us to the depth of questioning ones faith. But faith unlike belief is not of the mind — rather the product of existence. Late Sunday, the Sun made a sextile to Chiron and today it squares Uranus in Pisces and sextiles Jupiter. All these aspects take place deep in the womb of the New Moon suggesting divine creation and healing at work.

As the Sun and New Moon square Uranus in Pisces this means changes are afoot taking us down new avenues. What comes up is likely to be unpredictable. Given we are in the holiday season, it would be best to let go of expectations but take a risk on something anyway. There maybe a need to make some quick decisions and a feeling of having to push through boundaries in faith.

If we can follow our deepest and wisest judgment there is no “wrong” move. This a New Moon suggesting the start of a new cycle bringing the promise of fresh hope if we are able to trust in an inner knowing. With Venus trine Mars the day after the New Moon, this is a divinely fertile and passionate climate. Be resourceful, creative, generous, philosophical and wise in your choices. We can create the wealth love and abundance we desire simply by having faith and dedication to our passion over the coming months.

I initially wrote a much longer blog – but decided to split it up into the Sagittarius New Moon report which I will post in the next day before the New Moon. Hope all is well where you are…

With New Moon blessings,



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