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Faith like Jazz…

(written July 24, 2007. First posted on this site Dec. 21, 2008.)

If faith were like jazz

Well that would be Cool.


It would be tragically hip,

cool to the touch

but hot to the heart.

Jazz: a space, a place, a thought, a word, a life, a lifestyle.

Faith and jazz…where

chaos is not feared but necessary.

There are no jam sessions in jazz without chaos.

The Jam Session is

where all the chaos flows

into one complex song.

Notes rising, crashing, colliding,

all the colors bleeding into (the) One.

That would be Cool. That would be Great.

Oh that this would be Real.

For God is cobalt, Coltrane, true Blue and buzzing…

like Jazz.

– Niles U. Comer


Dear Friends,

We are still deep in the womb of the Sagittarius New Moon, which occurred at 12:35 PM EST on Dec. 5, 2010 at 13+ Sagittarius. Also, Uranus stationed direct at 26+ Pisces at 8:49 PM earlier tonight.

If you have planets conjunct or close to this degree or in the late degrees of mutable signs, the coming season is due to be especially significant.

Significantly, this New Moon also closely conjuncts the Great Attractor (a massive black hole in the center of our Universe attracting toward it millions of galaxies, including ours).

Astrologically, the Great Attractor can have a greatly polarizing influence. Its presence in Sagittarius is reflective of the WHOLE truth, which is all encompassing, full of contradiction and opposites.

This New Moon energy may feel very confusing, with a lot of conflicting emotions and thoughts to deal with all at once. This can feel very disorienting, but Sagittarius suggests that we keep faith and perspective enough to rise above chaotic emotions.

Truth does indeed set us free, but for that, we have to dare to acknowledge the whole truth — to ourselves first.

I have Neptune on the Great Attractor in my natal chart — I know from personal experience that this can be a polarizing influence, and I have had to learn to deal with a lot of projection.

But perhaps the most powerful truth I have learned is that there is room for everyone’s truth in this Universe. We are indeed blind men (and women) feeling different parts of an elephant when we talk about God or “the” truth.

Without completely dropping the ego and all perception, we can’t even begin to fathom the vastness of this Divine, transcendent reality.

God dwells within us, as us. We can go through lifetimes without awakening to the truth. But our destiny of awakening to our essential infinite being, receiving of Grace, Enlightenment or whatever you want to call it, is not a matter of “if,” but simply of “when.”

We can only do our best to find an inner compass and enough humility to admit that we don’t “know” it all and can never know it all. When we surrender to a higher plan, the Universe steps in to lead the way.

This New Moon cycle also leads to the Solstice and a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Gemini two weeks from now. We are at the start of the Eclipse season, when the Sun and Moon align with the Nodes of the Moon; this is said to open a portal in time and space or, rather, in what is scientifically known as “space-time.”

Eclipses tend to bring “fated” events, a period of accelerated growth and changes, aligning us with the soul’s destiny and purpose. So pay close attention to the events occurring in your life; plant your seeds carefully.

I wrote this in the most recent blog about this New Moon: “Uranus stationing direct at the time of the New Moon heralds positive change, fresh hope and fertile opportunities for business and pleasure.

Expect a burst of energy that sets us off on a new journey to explore unknown horizons that we couldn’t have imagined in our wildest dreams…”

Dare to follow the wind of your soul…

The poem above is one of my favorites. With my Neptune on the Great Attractor, it speaks the Unsayable truth of my soul better than I ever could…

With New Moon wishes,


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