Sample Weekly Horoscopes until June 5, 2011


Sample Weekly Horoscopes until June 5, 2011


Sample Horoscope for Gemini


A New Moon and Eclipse in your sign this week is marking a whole new start for you. But first this means wiping the slate clean with a life you had once dreamed for yourself. You’re your ruler in your 12th house asks you to go deep inward to acknowledge at least to yourself the desires you often keep secret from the world. But there is something solid taking form deep in your subconscious. Who are you? What do you want? Where are you going? Go inward to get in touch with the dreams you have and the greater purpose of your existence. You are more creative than you give yourself credit for. The deeper you dig, the more precious treasures and latent potential you will find. On another note a relationship is changing. If a partner seems to be going underground you don’t need to fear losing anyone or anything precious to you. Trust you have the benevolent support from those close and from people behind the scenes and a close partner who want to help you succeed making your dreams a reality.

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